Saint Martin's University offers an intensive ESL program for students who are academically qualified to attend Saint Martin's, but lack the required TOEFL score.

The program offers college preparatory courses for students from the beginning to advanced level.

Course descriptions

Saint Martin’s University's English as a second language (ESL) courses are designed to improve the English language skills of international students for the purpose of matriculating into Saint Martin’s University.

The ESL curriculum is divided into two course subtypes:

  • English language skills
  • Culture-based content

ESL levels one, two, and three will generally be offered both fall and spring semesters.

ESL level four may or may not be offered, depending on enrollment.

No required TOEFL score is necessary for entry into the program, however, it does help with accurate placement of the student if it is available. TOEFL exams are offered at the beginning and end of each semester.

Matriculating ESL students in level four, with a TOEFL score over 480, may take a combination of ESL and regular undergraduate courses. Students with scores of 525 on the institutional paper- based TOEFL and above, are eligible for full-time undergraduate study at Saint Martin’s.


  • Level one
    Course numberDescription
    ESL 020, 030Grammar/writing
    ESL 021Reading skills
    ESL 022Conversation skills
    ESL 023Writing skills
    ESL 024American culture
    ESL 025, 035Grammar
    ESL 026International studies
    ESL 027, 037Pronunciation
    ESL 028American history
    ESL 031English/American literature
    ESL 032Listening/speaking
    ESL 033Writing workshop
    ESL 034Cultures of America
    ESL 036World cultures
    ESL 038History of the Americas
  • Level two
    Course numberDescription
    ESL 040, 050Grammar/writing
    ESL 041Reading skills
    ESL 042Conversation skills
    ESL 043Writing skills
    ESL 044American culture
    ESL 045, 055TOEFL skills and strategy
    ESL 046International studies
    ESL 047English in music and film
    ESL 048American history
    ESL 051English/American literature
    ESL 052Listening/speaking
    ESL 053Writing workshop
    ESL 054Cultures of America
    ESL 056World cultures
    ESL 057American music history
    ESL 058History of the Americas
  • Level three
    Course numberDescription
    ESL 060Grammar/writing
    ESL 061Reading skills
    ESL 062Conversation skills
    ESL 063College writing
    ESL 064American culture
    ESL 065, 075TOEFL skills and strategy
    ESL 066International studies
    ESL 067American music history
    ESL 068American history
    ESL 069College skills
    ESL 070Grammar/writing
    ESL 071English/American literature
    ESL 072Contemporary issues
    ESL 073Writing workshop
    ESL 074Cultures of America
    ESL 076World cultures
    ESL 077English in music and film
    ESL 078History of the Americas
    ESL 079College skills
  • Level four
    Course numberDescription
    ESL 080, 090Grammar/writing
    ESL 081Reading skills
    ESL 082Conversation skills
    ESL 083College writing
    ESL 084American culture
    ESL 085, 095TOEFL skills and strategy
    ESL 086International studies
    ESL 088American history
    ESL 089, 099College skills
    ESL 091English/American literature
    ESL 092Contemporary issues
    ESL 093Writing workshop
    ESL 094Cultures of America
    ESL 096World cultures
    ESL 098History of the Americas