The STAR program is an accelerated option for our teaching certificate program for middle and high school with an available optional Master's degree route. This program is designed for students who already hold an undergraduate degree and who have at least one year of professionally oriented work experience.


In order to be considered for full and unconditional admission* to the STAR program applicants must meet the following requirements.

  • Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited (or equivalent) college or university with an overall 3.0 undergraduate GPA or graduate coursework GPA (those not meeting these criteria may be admitted conditionally).
  • Completion of all three subtests of the WEST-B exam. SAT/ACT scores can supplement the WEST-B exam requirement. If you plan to use this test in place of the WEST-B exam, you will need to provide an official score report of the exam.
  • Applicants must have at least one year of professionally oriented work experience.
  • Moral character and personal fitness qualifications as adopted in the Washington Administrative Code for teachers.
  • The WEST-E/NES must be completed before being accepted into the program.
  • Additional credits for endorsement competencies may be required, based on your transcript review.   
  • Current certification in CPR and First Aid for Adults and Children
  • Completion of all three subtests of the WEST-B exam.
    • SAT/ACT scores can supplement the WEST-B exam requirement. If you plan to use this test in place of the WEST-B exam, you will need to provide an official score report of the exam.

International students must submit proof of English proficiency in one of two ways: 

  1. An undergraduate degree from a U.S. institution where English is the language of instruction or
  2. An official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score report (less than two years old) sent directly from the testing agency. For full admission we require a 79 IBT/213 CBT/550 PBT on the TOFEL or 6.5 band score on the academic version of the IELTS.

Those students who do not meet the minimum required English proficiency but are otherwise admissible will be conditionally admitted through our ESL program. 
Saint Martin's University is the sole judge of an applicant's English proficiency.

*Students not meeting these requirement will be considered for conditional admission. Saint Martin's University recognizes that while previous performance is a valuable indicator of potential success there are those who have demonstrated that potential in other ways than traditional academic performance.

The number of credit hours and course requirements for the STAR program depend on which option is chosen, either STAR - Certification only or STAR - Master's in Teaching (MIT).

STAR - Certification only - 43
STAR - MIT 40-45

In addition to these total required hours, the student may need to complete pre-requirements and/or endorsement courses. For the MIT option, the choice of thesis or non-thesis will impact the number of required credit hours.

Required courses

Pre-professional courses (if not completed as an undergraduate)

Course numberCourse title
ENG 101College writing I
ENG 102College writing II
COM 106 or THR 211Public speaking, acting or any communications
PSY 101Introduction to psychology
ED/PSY 205Child and adolescent development
ED 204Introduction to education
MTH 101College level math or above
ED 202 or SOC 396Diversity in educational systems or intercultural communications
HIS XXXUnited States history
HIS XXXWorld history
HIS 326Pacific Northwest history
Natural science courseNatural science with lab

Must be taken at the graduate level. (40-45 semester hours):

MED 506XCurriculum and instruction (2)
MED 570XClassroom assessment (2)
MED 568X Secondary literacy (2) 
MED 562XIssues of abuse and education law (2)
MED 560XClassroom management (2)
MED 526XLanguage acquisition methods (3)
MED 584XSecondary methods (2)
MED 512XTechnology in the classroom (2)
MED 598XStudent internship seminar (2)
MED 559XIntroduction to exceptionality (2)
MED 598XInternship (5)
 Thesis or non-thesis option (3-7)

Must be taken at the undergraduate level. (43 semester hours):

Course numberCourse title
ED 306xCurriculum and instruction (3)
ED 370xClassroom assessment (3)
ED 468xSecondary literacy (3)
ED 362xIssues of abuse and ed law (3)
ED 360xClassroom management (3)
ED 426xLanguage acquisition methods (3)
ED 484xSecondary methods (3)
TED 312xTechnology in the classroom (3)
ED 498xStudent internship seminar (2)
SED359xIntroduction to exceptionality (3)
ED 494xInternship (10)


Authorized endorsements

Saint Martin's has been authorized by the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) to offer teacher certificate competency-based endorsements.

For a detailed explanation of all policies, procedures and requirements, students should consult the School of Education Graduate Handbook.

Who to Contact

Program Schedule

Course delivery

Mentored full academic-year teaching internship in a school district.Courses meet once a week on Saturdays during the day.
Coursework needed to complete MIT program and or endorsements.Classes offered per regular MIT schedule at Saint Martin's University or extended learning locations.

Example of schedule of classes

ATTENTION: please note that additional classes will very likely be required, and this will vary for each student depending on what endorsement areas are chosen, what credit is transferred in, and what pre-professional courses are needed.

Classes are offered at 2 levels for varying credit hours. Cert-only students take the courses at the undergraduate level (300 or 400), MIT students take the courses at the graduate level (500 or 600).

ATTENTION: please note that price per credit varies from undergraduate and graduate level courses.

Summer academy (6 weeks)
ClassSTAR Cert-onlySTAR MIT
Curriculum and instructionED 3063crMED 5062cr
Classroom assessmentED 3703crMED 5702cr
Classroom managementED 3603crMED 5602cr
Educational law and issues of abuseED 3622crMED 5622cr
Language acquisition methodsED 4263crMED 5263cr
Educational technologyED 3122crMED 5121cr
 subtotal16 12
Fall semester
ClassCert-only MIT
Secondary MethodsED 4843crMED5842cr
Secondary LiteracyED 4983crMED5982cr
Introduction to ExceptionalitySED3593crMED5592cr
PracticumED 4873crMED5873cr
Spring semester
Teaching InternshipED 49210crMED5925cr
Teaching Internship SeminarED 4982crMED5982cr
 subtotal24 16
STAR MIT - Remaining coursework following internship
Educational research methodsMED 6013cr
Diversity and social contextMED 6053cr
Foundations for educational practiceMED 6073cr
Thesis or non-thesis exit option 3-7cr
subtotal12 - 16
grand total40 - 45

Financial aid and scholarships

Student measuring weight on scale

Federal aid

Federal financial aid is available for graduate students who will be enrolled at least half time and are citizens, or eligible non-citizens, of the USA. Most federal aid for graduate students is in the form of direct loans. 

For more details about federal aid eligibility and the different types of aid available for graduate and professional studies visit:

Student presenting lecture to class

Graduate Assistantships

Saint Martin’s University offers a limited number of Graduate Assistantships to graduate students. Contact the Office of the Provost for more information.

Catholic school special tuition program

The Saint Martin's University Catholic school special tuition program will provide a 50 percent occupational special tuition to full-time religious and lay teachers, and principals and paraprofessionals of Catholic schools which are under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Seattle. This special tuition will apply to students accepted to any College of Education program. Individuals who are employed on a part-time basis will not be eligible for the program.

Student presenting lecture to class

To be eligible for the above special tuition, individuals must be fully accepted into the undergraduate teacher education program, the certification-only program, the Master in Teaching Program or the Master of Education Program. Please note that the special tuition for each semester (including summer) is based on the University academic year tuition rate.

Saint Martin's University reserves the right to limit the number of Catholic school special tuition program participants in any particular course or program. It is understood that students will be admitted on a "space available" basis. It is likewise understood that this tuition grant program is not retroactive.


The length of the program will depend on how much transferable coursework students bring in from their undergraduate degrees towards their endorsement areas. For certification-only, the program can take as little as one year, for the MIT option, the program can be completed as quickly as a year and a half (again, depending on endorsement requirements and undergraduate coursework transferability).

Classes are purposely kept small (typically between 10 to 15 students) so that students can engage in collaborative learning activities with their colleagues and instructors can offer strong support for students’ success.

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction posts links to current offerings. Those candidates open to relocating can often secure a position more quickly.

Saint Martin's University welcomes people of all beliefs.

Saint Martin's University is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The State of Washington Professional Educator Standards Board recently reviewed Saint Martin’s University and granted full approval of five years.

Contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 360-412-6142 or the STAR Program Director, Dr. Eric Boyer, at 360-438-4335.