For those who already have a bachelor's degree, the post-baccalaureate certification-only program at Saint Martin's University provides the opportunity to earn Washington State teacher certification without earning a master's degree.

Program details

The program is a 59-67 semester hour non-degree program offered during days, evenings, summers and weekends. You may have credits that transfer from your bachelor's degree that allow you to waive courses, make sure to ask about transfer credits. The total number of semester hours varies depending on the certification:

  • Elementary education certification
  • 67 semester hours (includes certification and an elementary endorsement)
  • Secondary education certification
  • 49 semester hours (includes certification and a secondary content area endorsement)
  • Special education certification
  • 59-61 semester hours (includes certification and a SED endorsement)

Note: Pre-requirements and/or endorsement courses may be in addition to these totals.

Additional endorsement
In addition to the primary endorsement, students are required to complete at least one additional endorsement. The additional endorsement may be earned either at Saint Martin's University or elsewhere. The number of credit hours vary depending on what endorsement you are working towards and whether class requirements over lap with your primary endorsement.

Students in this program can register for graduate credit for several select courses rather than for their undergraduate equivalents. On satisfactory completion of the certification program and subsequent application and successful admission to the Master of Education Program, the graduate-level credits will apply toward the MED degree. Once these courses start, students are not permitted to change registration between the undergraduate and graduate course levels. Those interested in the program should consult the academic catalog's undergraduate section for application and certification requirements.