The Elementary Education Program at Saint Martin’s explores the field of elementary education for the purposes of advanced study and/or initial teaching certification with a primary endorsement in elementary education (kindergarten-8) by the state of Washington.


To insure proper sequencing of courses, students planning to enter the program must consult an advisor from the College of Education and Professional Psychology prior to taking courses at the University. Formal acceptance to the program is required before students may register for basic courses in education.

  • 40-46 semester hours of general education requirements
  • 30-31 semester hours of pre-professional courses
  • 60 semester hours of core courses
  • Elementary education endorsement
  • 14-40 semester hours of second/additional endorsement
  • Pre-professional courses (30-31 semester hours)
    MTHOne mathamatics course MTH 201 or above
    HISOne U.S. history course
    HISOne world history course
    BIO/CHM/PHYOne natural science course with laboratory
    PSY 101Introduction to Psychology
    ENG 101College Writing I
    ENG 102College Writing II
    COM 106Public Address or THR211 Acting I
    ED 204Introduction to Education
    ED 205Child and Adolescent Development
    SOC 396
    ED 202 
    Intercultural Communications
    Diversity in Education Systems
  • Core courses (60 semester hours)
    ED 304Practicum Level I
    ED 306Curriculum and Instruction
    TED 312Classroom Technology
    SED 359Introduction to Exceptionality
    ED 360Classroom Management
    ED 371Education Law
    ED 383Issues of Abuse/Teacher as Counselor
    ED 411Methods of Teaching Mathematics
    ED 415Methods of Teaching Science
    ED 418Methods of Teaching Social Studies
    ED 419Methods of Teaching Language Arts
    ED 426Methods of Teaching Language Acquisition
    ED 429Arts and Movement
    ED 438Literature of Children and Young Adults
    ED 470Classroom Assessment
    ED 474Primary Reading/Writing
    ED 476Elementary Content-area Reading -Elementary Teachers
    ED 492Elementary Education Practicum
    ED 494Internship in the Elementary School
    ED 498Internship Seminar: Elementary

Visit the undergraduate academic catalog for a complete breakdown of elementary education requirements.

What to expect at Saint Martin's

The education programs at Saint Martin’s interweave with one another, providing students with a wide spectrum of choice and flexibility. From the outset, education students participate in in-depth school and practicum work allowing them to interact with local teachers and principals. Faculty are professional educators with extensive, contemporary, real-world experience. Their knowledge in the field of education is coupled with skills in counseling, creating a climate of compassionate rigor. Our reputation for excellence so precedes us that 97% of our graduates find teaching jobs after graduation.

Additional benefits include:

  • National accreditation
  • Approved by the Washington State Board of Education
  • Study abroad opportunities open doors to teaching internationally
  • Two subject endorsements required to better prepare students for employability
  • A rigorous educational environment in which faculty members work closely with their students
  • Top employers includes public schools in Washington, Hawaii and California

What can I do with this major?

The elementary education major prepares graduates for teaching careers (preschool-8) in a variety of environments including:

  • Public or private elementary schools
  • Day care centers
  • Pre-school
  • Private tutoring
  • Military elementary schools

Graduates are also prepared for advanced study in the field of education.

For a complete list of professional applications, visit For additional information about how Saint Martin’s can help you find the career for you, visit our Career Center.

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Additional endorsement

In addition to the primary endorsement in special education, students are required to complete at least one additional endorsement with 30 to 40 semester hours of credit in an area of academic field emphasis. The additional endorsement may be earned either at Saint Martin's University or elsewhere. Depending on the academic field and with careful planning, this endorsement/academic field may require only 14 or 15 semester hours.