Saint Martin's education program ensures all students have knowledge in the liberal arts. During the professional sequence, students gain knowledge and skills essential to effective teaching and participate in varied field experiences in school classrooms. University faculty, as well as local school district teachers and administrators, participate in the program and contribute to its quality and relevance.

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Saint Martin's offers degrees that will help propel your career where you want it to go. Please explore our programs listed below to gain more insight about the inner workings of our programs:

Additionally, graduates preparing for teaching careers —grades 4-12— can certify in Secondary Education Teaching!

Secondary Education Teaching
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As a graduate, you will be well prepared for the rigorous Master's programs and excellent faculty. An education degree from Saint Martin's University opens doors because of the stellar reputation of our program and our graduates:

Teacher education program accreditation

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Saint Martin’s University’s teacher education program was granted initial accreditation by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) for a period of five years from October 2013 to October 2020, which certifies that the program adheres to TEAC’s quality principles.

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Post Master's certification programs

Based on follow up studies of our graduates, 95 percent of each year’s graduates searching for positions have found jobs within one year. Learn more about the certifications that make Saint Martin's graduates so competitive in the job market:

Saint Martin's-JBLM

Saint Martin's-JBLM

Saint Martin's offers a variety of degree programs designed to meet the needs of our students enrolled at our campus at JBLM. Whether you want to upgrade your skills, dive into a new field or explore your potential, Saint Martin's-JBLM can help.

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Educators beyond campus