Robert Bode, professor of biology


Thousands of beetles that consume Scotch broom seeds are being brought out from cold storage on the fourth floor of Old Main to decimate the Scotch broom population on the Lacey campus. Assistant Professor of Biology Robert Bode and biology students Nathan Krueger and Rebecca Tong have been measuring the rate at which these beetles eat Scotch broom seeds in urban and rural areas around Olympia.

Their research looks at the success of a state-wide program to vanquish this invasive and economically harmful weed.

America: The National Catholic Review

Translating Timur

Jamie Olson, Ph.D., associate professor of English, has published a number of his translations of postmodern theological poems by Timur Kibirov, considered one of Russia’s most important contemporary poets. Featured in the February 23 issue of America: The National Catholic Review, one poem is entitled, “Rooster, rooster.”

Other Kibirov poems were published in Asymptote in October and in Two Lines: World Writing in Translation, in March. Olson also writes about poetry, translation and Russian Culture on his blog, The Flaxen Wave.

Kim Menius and Robert Hauhart

Seeking the American Dream

Robert C. Hauhart, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Society and Social Justice, recently published “American Sociology’s Investigations of the American Dream: Retrospect and Prospect” in The American Sociologist. On the basis of this work, Hauhart has signed a contract with Palgrave MacMillan, New York, to write “Seeking the American Dream: A Sociological Inquiry.” The book will be released in spring 2016.

Hauhart also collaborated with 2012 Valedictorian Kim Menius to revise her thesis for publication in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Criminology and Sociology.

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Upcoming speakers for "Ideas on Policing for Justice and Ending Over-Incarceration"

Upcoming Harvey Lecture Series

Ideas on Policing for Justice and Ending Over-Incarceration
Many police nationwide have adopted "zero tolerance" policing and roused concern from the public due to racially biased "stop and frisk" practices.  Likewise, our nation's prisons are filled with a disproportionate percentage of people of color. Join our speakers as they consider these issues from a social justice perspective.

Photo of Jess Walter

Les Bailey Writers Series

Spokane native Jess Walter, award-winning author of eight books, is guest speaker for the Second Annual Les Bailey Writers Series on September 30, 7 p.m., in the Worthington Conference Center. Walter is also a career journalist, writes screenplays and held a spot on the New York Times bestseller list for more than a year because of his 2012 novel, “Beautiful Ruins.”  He has won numerous awards for his writing, including the 2005 Edgar Allen Poe Award.