Community services and BSW internships

For our Community Services and Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) programs, internships are available with such local agencies as the Community Youth Services, Kokua, Safeplace, the Thurston County offices of the state Department of Social and Health Services; the Crisis Clinic; and, in Tacoma, the YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter, DSHS Drug Court, Catholic Community Services, and the Franciscan Hospice Center. Many additional agencies throughout Washington cooperate with the University, and agency staff attempt to aid students in all possible ways.

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  • What to expect and what's required

    During the course of the study, students increase their knowledge of the social science approach to solving human problems and gain the intellectual skills, moral insight and humanistic concepts needed to succeed professionally. The curriculum also encourages students to develop the ethical and analytical thinking essential to professional life in social work, law, foreign service and teaching.

    Students are required to fulfill a total of 600 internship hours. 150 hours (3 credits) are required in the CSP/SW 290 placement and a total of 450 hours (9 credits) are required in their CSP/SW 390 and CSP/SW 490 placement. CSP/SW 390 and CSP/SW 490 are to be taken in consecutive semesters at the same placement site.

    Often, students try to get their last placement somewhere where they might continue with employment.

    There are several ways that students find their placements:

    1. They hear of a placement from another student that sounds interesting to them, and they seek it out
    2. They read of the internship in our Resource book of Internships (also on the Web page), and go out to interview
    3. The Internship supervisor recognizes a training need in the student, and makes a suggestion to that student that they be placed in a specific internship

    If you'd be interested in getting your agency into the Resource Book for possible interns, please:

    1. Write up an approximate or suggested job description
    2. Include where they would be working (inside, in the field, etc.), with whom (what is the population - youth, single moms, battered children?), and if there is any pay (as one can imagine, students pick the paying placements first). There are many students who are eligible for Federal and State Work Study.
    3. Send this to: St. Martins University, Attn: Katya Shkurkin, 5000 Abbey Way SE, Lacey, WA 98503-1297; or fax to: 360-459-4124; or email to