The Social Justice Program at Saint Martin’s University explores the complex nature of social justice and alternative venues that foster justice.

Program Highlights

  • What to expect at Saint Martin's

    While criminal justice and legal studies are the official systems for justice in the United States the outcomes from those systems are not always just. Students experience this at a young age as justice and injustice play out in their own lives. At Saint Martin’s they are given the tools to communicate with others about justice and are inspired to seek out others like themselves who desire to think about justice in a wider way.

    A complement to other academic programs at Saint Martin’s, the social justice minor fits hand-in-glove with religious studies, sociology, social work, criminal justice and legal studies, adding value to the students’ academic experience.

  • Career paths

    The program follows the best Liberal Arts tradition encouraging students to work toward social justice no matter what they will be doing for a living

    For a complete list of professional applications, visit "What Can I Do With Major?". For additional information about how Saint Martin’s can help you find the career for you, visit our Career Center.


  • Nine semester hours of required courses
  • 12 semester hours of approved elective courses

*Electives may include up to six semester hours of internship credit.

  • Approved elective courses (12 semester hours)
    • May include up to six semester hours of internship credit.
    • Additional courses may be cross-listed for social justice credit on an occasional basis.
    • Other elective courses may be counted toward the minor if, in the judgment of the program director, they significantly enhance the student’s learning in the program.
    SJ 301Social Justice in Literature
    SJ 310Social Justice in Film
    RLS 305Christian Thought and Ethical Practice
    CJ/SOC/GIS 307Gender, Crime and Law
    SOC 316History of Women in North American Social Work: 1848-1945
    HI S319United States Working Class History
    SOC 370Social Action
    ENG 381Women's Literature
    SJ 390Internship
    SJ 395Special Topics
    SJ 397Directed Study


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