The global studies program is designed for students who are interested in studying international problems from an interdisciplinary perspective. The program emphasizes the study of political science, foreign language, history and related fields to provide students with an understanding of contemporary issues.

Program highlights

Saint Martin’s provides a broad liberal arts background with strong emphasis on written and oral skills. It further stresses the ability to think critically about global issues and provides a broad understanding of major value questions in the study of international relations.

Students participating in the International Relations program are provided with:

  • A strong theoretical foundation in international relations.
  • Opportunities for practical experience.
  • Internships through the Washington Semester Program.
  • Study abroad opportunities.

Our students have completed internships with a large cross-section of local organizations including:

  • Washington Semester Program
  • Washington State Legislature
  • Study abroad

Graduates with a minor in international relations are prepared for careers in:

  • Teaching
  • Politics
  • Journalism
  • Private and non-profit organizations
  • Public service

For a complete list of professional applications, visit "What Can I Do With Major?". For additional information about how Saint Martin’s can help you find the career for you, visit our Career Center.



  • Nine credit hours of required courses
  • Three credit hours of non-western history courses
  • Six credit hours of elective courses

• GPH 210 World Regional Geography
• PLS 200 International Relations OR PLS205 Comparative Politics
• SOC 103 Cultural Anthropology

One course chosen from:

• HIS 410 History of Modern Egypt
• HIS 411 Modern Latin America
• HIS 413 History of Modern Africa
• HIS 415 History of the Modern Middle East

Two electives chosen from:

• BA 420 International Business
• PLS 315 Politics of Globalization
• PLS 325 History of the Vietnam War
• PLS 340 Global Environmental Politics
• PLS 352 Asia and the World
• PLS 360 Gender and Global Politics
• PLS 362 American Exceptionalism
• PLS 371 Model United Nations
• PLS 372 Global Human Rights and Justice Movements
• PLS 376 Global Food Politics
• PLS 377 Global Poverty and Development
• SOC 396 Intercultural Communication
• Or, any upper-division intercultural course with approval
of the faculty advisor for Global Studies