Ready to turn your passion for digital media, journalism and film into a career in which you can impact the world and make a difference in your communities? Communication studies may be the best major for you.

Why Saint Martin's University

Communication studies at Saint Martin's is an interdisciplinary program that uses critical and cultural studies to understand the central role of communication in society, with a focus on social justice. Shaped by the Benedictine values of stewardship, community, and listening, the program utilizes accessible media technologies to encourage creativity and build a solid foundation for a wide array of professional endeavors.

  • P​roximity to to Washington state capital allows for access to quality internship opportunities with government agencies, nonprofits, arts organizations, and businesses.
  • Shaped by the Benedictine values of stewardship, community and listening with the ear of the heart, the program utilizes accessible media technologies such as cloud computing, mobile devices and social media, citizen journalism and digital media production to encourage creativity.
  • While designed to provide a well-rounded understanding of the field of communication, students can choose to pursue a production-focused or more theoretically oriented course of study.

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  • Career paths

    Communication studies prepares students for careers in a wide range of fields:

    • Public relations
    • Advertising
    • Media arts production
    • Journalism
    • Nonprofit advocacy
    • Filmmaking

    For a complete list of professional applications, visit "What Can I Do With This Major?". For additional information about how Saint Martin’s can help you find the career for you, visit our Career Center.

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Who to Contact

Irina Gendelman

Irina Gendelman, Ph.D.

Faculty Senate President
Professor, communication studies,

Communication studies program requirements


  • University core requirements
  • Nine semester hours of lower division courses
  • 34 semester hours of upper division courses


  • Six semester hours of lower division courses
  • 19 semester hours of upper division and elective courses

2020-2021 academic catalog

Popular communication studies courses

  • Copy editing and design
  • Digital journalism
  • International communication
  • Professional and academic writing
  • Studies in film


Saint stories

Communication Studies students at Saint Martin's

Hearing what isn't said

"The goal of communication studies at Saint Martin’s is to encourage students to become responsible leaders, engaged citizens [who seek] ... social justice on a scale beyond themselves."

Irina Gendelman College of Arts and Sciences Professor of Communications

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