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  • Recruitment policy

    This policy is generally used in academic institutions for employers hiring students from campus.

    The recruiting policies and guidelines of Saint Martin's University have been developed to contribute to a positive and successful experience for recruiters, students, and alumni. The Office of Career Services makes facilities and services available to employers whose representatives follow these guidelines in their recruiting efforts. We seek to support the academic mission of the University and the staffing needs of organizations in an environment of teamwork and cooperation. We are eager to develop relationships with those recruiters who respect and follow these policies.


    Saint Martin's makes its facilities and services open only to employers who do not discriminate on the basis of age, religion, disability, ethnic background, national origin, gender, race, sexual orientation or veteran status.

    Release of student information

    In general, Saint Martin's will not release to any third party, except with the consent of the student, data pertaining to the student's educational record.

    Requesting information on academic performance

    An employer should feel free to seek information from an applicant about his/her academic performance and to request a copy of the applicant's grade transcript if that information is important to the hiring process.

    Disclosure of company information

    Employers using campus facilities for recruitment activities must register with the Office of Career Services and provide complete information concerning conditions of employment, including accurate and clear information on methods of remuneration, within their organization. Employers listing employment opportunities for posting anywhere on campus should clearly disclose such conditions both in writing and when speaking with candidates.

    Internship programs

    Saint Martin's University assumes that employers follow the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) when hiring unpaid interns. The U.S. Department of Labor provides general information to help determine whether interns must be paid the minimum wage and overtime under the FLSA for the services that they provide to “for-profit” private sector employers.

    Fees as a condition of employment

    In general, those employers requiring candidates to invest, purchase supplies, or pay a fee as a condition of employment, unless such fees are required in accordance with applicable state and federal laws, may not use facilities or services of the Saint Martin's University to recruit candidates.

    Third party recruiters

    Contract recruiters, search firms, resume referral firms, and employment agencies may recruit on campus under the following conditions:

    1. All fees are employer paid.
    2. Information on the client or clients represented and the types of positions for which the third party is recruiting is disclosed to the staff of Career Services.
    3. Equal Employment Opportunity standards are followed.
    4. Under no circumstances can student information be disclosed for other than recruiting purposes nor can it be sold or provided to other entities.
    Professional and ethical practices

    Recruiters must work within a framework of professionally accepted recruiting, interviewing, and selection techniques. Employment professionals will refrain from practices that improperly influence and affect job acceptances. Such practices may include special inducements and undue time pressure to accept employment offers and encouragement of revocation of another employment offer. Employment professionals will strive to communicate decisions to candidates within the agreed-upon time frame. For more information please visit the Principles for Professional Practice, a code adopted for employers and career services professionals by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

    Notification of recruitment results

    Employers will strive to communicate recruitment decisions to career and employment services.


    The Office of Career Development may need to be selective when determining which employers may be represented at special events such as job fairs or group information sessions. Decisions will be made in a fair and equitable manner after considering factors such as these: space availability; student interest in employer/industry; industry balance; and employer position within its industry.
    *We reserve the right to accept and advertise only those opportunities that meet current program guidelines and priorities.

Career and internship fairs

Employer recruiter talking to students at career fair

Saint Martin's University invites recruiters to attend several on-campus career and internship fairs that occur throughout the academic year. In the fall semester we host career and internship fairs for the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) majors, business, and the social sciences majors. In the spring, we host a fair for each of our four schools and colleges.

We have moved our registration to be processed through Handshake, our student job and internship database used by many universities. If you do not already have a Handshake account for your organization, you can set that up through the Handshake page!

We are currently in the process of planning for our 2020-2021 Career Fairs! Please check back later this summer for updates.

If you have questions about the event or the registration process, please contact the Assistant Director of Career Development, Alyssa Nastasi.


Washington State Work Study Program

Are you interested in employing a student and getting partially reimbursed the wages? The Washington State Work Study Program has been helping Washington state students and employers meet up and match up since 1974.

For additional information contact the Career Center at 360-486-8842 or email us at careers@stmartin.edu.