Finding, requesting, and renewing library materials

  • How do I get a book from the Abbey Library?

    The Abbey's library collection can be searched directly in Saints search.  If you find a book that says "Available at Abbey Library," you can click the "Get it" tab to request the title and have it delivered to the O'Grady Library circulation desk.  

  • How many items can I check out?

    Saint Martin's faculty, students and staff can have up to 200 items checked out to their library records.  

    Community patrons (monk card holders) may have up to five books checked out at a time.

  • Can I renew library materials (books, media, etc.)?
    • There are no renewals for O'Grady or Abbey Library items checked out to students, staff and community members.
    • Faculty receive one auto-renewal for O'Grady and Abbey Library items checked out to their accounts.
    • Summit items are not renewable.
    • Interlibrary library loan items
      • Renewals can be requested once for interlibrary library loan items, but are not guaranteed and are completely dependent on the lending library.  Request a renewal by logging into your ILLiad account and clicking on the "Checked out" link.  Choose the item to be renewed by clicking on the transaction number.  This opens a "Detailed information" page where you can click the "Renew" button. Renewal requests must be made at least one day before the due date, but no earlier than five days before the due date.
  • How long can I check out books, media, equipment, etc.?

    Saint Martin's faculty, staff and students

    • O'Grady books, CDs, cassettes and kits check out for the semester
    • O'Grady videos and media equipment check out for 6 days
    • Laptop computers have same day check-out.  The laptop must be returned by closing the same day it is checked out
    • Summit books: 6 weeks
    • Summit videos: 6 days
    • Interlibrary loan items are determined by the lending library but are typically 4 weeks
    • Course reserve items: 3 hours or 3 days depending on the class
    • Study/media rooms: 3 hours

    Community patrons (monk card holders) may check books out for up to six weeks.

Printing, scanning and technology

  • How do I add money to my print account?

    Each fall and spring semester, every student has $10.00 loaded to their campus print account.  If you exceed that credit during the semester, you may purchase refill cards of $2, $5, or $10 increments at the O'Grady Library circulation desk (cash, check, or credit cards accepted).  These cards contain a code that can be loaded to your account at  If you prefer to have a different amount loaded directly to your account, please stop by the CRC (Computer Resource Center) located in Old Main 350.

My accounts

  • Where can I find the status of my checked out items and requests?

    To see all items that are currently checked out to your account, you can log into the Saints search system.  Under the "My Account" tab, you can quickly move between viewing your loans or requests by using the links to the left of the page.  Under the My Account tab, the options include links for viewing:

    • Loans
    • Requests
    • Fines & fees
    • Blocks & messages

    From the My Account/Loans link, you can alternate between seeing a list of active loans and historic loans.  Under My Account/Requests, you can see the status and/or cancel all requests for O'Grady, Abbey or Summit items.

    If you wish to see interlibrary loan or ILLiad requests, please login to your ILLiad account and click on "Outstanding requests" under View. 

  • How do I pay my fines?

    Fines begin to accumulate the day after an item is due.  Fines can be paid at the circulation desk within four weeks of the date the fine was assessed.  We accept credit/debit cards, cash and checks. After four weeks, fines are sent to student accounts on the second floor of Old Main and must be paid there.  Contact the circulation department by email or call 360-688-2260.


  • What is Saints search?

    Saints search is the O'Grady Library's primary search tool for finding physical materials in the O'Grady and Abbey collections (books, dvds, equipment), ordering books and DVDs from Summit libraries, as well as a one-stop shop for finding the vast majority of the O'Grady Library's electronic holdings including articles, ebooks and streaming videos.

  • What is Summit?

    Summit is a system that allows current students, faculty and staff to borrow books, dvds and more from the 37 Orbis Cascade Alliance institutions in the Pacific Northwest.  This agreement between the Orbis Cascade Alliance members provides Saint Martin's with a vast array of regional material via expedited service.  Items requested from Summit libraries typically arrive within 3-5 business days and are both findable and requestable via Saints search.

  • What is ILLiad?

    ILLiad is the name of the system that the library uses for interlibrary loan -- in particular, for articles that we don't have access to as well as physical books, dvds and other material unavailable from Summit libraries.

  • How can I reserve a study room?

    Study rooms can be reserved by calling the O'Grady circulation desk at 360-688-2260.

    The check out period is 3 hours and can be extended if not reserved for other patrons. There is a 15 minute grace period, after which the study room can be checked out to another group.