You serve our country. We serve you. Saint Martin's University is proud to be a member of the DoD Voluntary Education Partnership, an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) that ensures all service members participating in off-duty, postsecondary education programs are provided quality education programs uniformly. We have served the military community for over 40 years and continue our commitment by re-signing the DoD MOU and maintaining compliance with the Principles of Excellence set forth in the 2012 Executive Order 13607.

Saint Martin's is here for you

Saint Martin's University is proud to serve military, veterans and their families at two campus locations: the main campus in Lacey and our campus at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

  • Total cost
    • Saint Martin's University agrees to provide students — prior to admission — a personalized form covering the total cost of an education program (i.e. program costs, student debt estimates, and federal financial aid options). 
    • Using the shopping sheet template from the Department of Education, the Student Financial Services Center has created a new award letter that provides a complete breakdown of costs and funding options.
  • Educational Plans
    • Saint Martin's University agrees to provide educational plans for all military and veteran education beneficiaries. 
    • Advisors from the various academic programs and the Center for Student Learning, Writing and Advising are available to assist veterans with developing a complete education plan for their educational goals. 
    • Career advising is available for veterans transitioning to the workplace through the Office of Career Development.
  • Recruiting techniques
    • Saint Martin's University does not support or condone fraudulent and aggressive recruiting practices regarding any students. The University will continue to uphold our high recruiting standards.
  • Accommodations for absence
    • Saint Martin's University agrees to provide accommodations for service members and reservists absent due to service requirements.
    • Saint Martin's University understands the pressures of deployment and the complexities of daily life. As a result, Saint Martin's has developed accommodations for both individual deployments and conditions beyond a student's control by offering the following withdrawal option:
    • University withdrawal appeal
    • Additionally, Saint Martin's University will allow service members and reservists to be readmitted to a program if they are temporarily unable to attend class or have to suspend their studies due to service requirements, provided satisfactory academic progress is being made by the service members/reservists prior to suspending their studies.
  • Refund policies
    • Saint Martin's University has aligned its refund policywith Title IV standards. The amount of aid a student receives will be determined by the percentage of the semester that the student has completed at the time of withdrawal.
    • For information about the tuition refund deadlines, please review the refund calendar.

Additional Information

  • Saint Martin's resources

    For information on the admissions process contact Admissions at 360-438-4596.

    For information about the registration process or to reach the Veteran's Representative contact the Office of the Registrar at 360-438-4356 or email

    For help setting up a new Self Service account or resetting passwords contact the Help Desk at 360-438-4338.

    For information regarding the Extended Learning, registration process or online classes contact 1-253-964-4688 for Fort Lewis, or 1-253-584-3533 for McChord.

    For questions regarding financial aid contact the Office of Financial Aid at 360-438-4397.

    For student billing information contact Office of Student Accounts at 360-438-4389.

    For the Counseling and Wellness Center contact 360-438-4371 or 360-438-4513.

    For information regarding career resources or scholarship resources for veterans contact the Office of Career Services at 360-438-4382.

    For information on Office of Disability Support Services please contact 360-438-4580.

    For information regarding your GI Bill benefits, debt letters, or payments contact the VA Regional Office at 1-888-442-4551.