Many students find that, in making the transition from high school to college, or from lower-to upper-level courses, they need advice about how to study more effectively. Individual consultations can be arranged with professional staff on topics such as time management, effective studying and test preparation.

You may benefit from scheduling an appointment with one of our professional staff to complete an Academic Improvement Plan. This individualized plan can keep you on the road to academic success!

Academic success

  • Presentations

    Saint Martin's University faculty and staff may arrange for study skills presentations for specific groups or classes. Workshop topics include: Essay organization, MLA citations, test preparation strategies, test taking/anxiety, lecture note-taking, active reading strategies and concentration.

UNI 195:

  • Learning and study strategies

    This is a two-credit course designed for students seeking a pathway to academic excellence and includes learning strategies to help improve motivation, learning effectiveness and academic performance. Application of assignments is made to your current course work.

Student Lingo

Don't miss out! Several student lingo workshops are available 24/7! More information on the online workshops offered are below.

Student Lingo on demand student success workshop

  • Time management

    This interactive session will offer proven success strategies and help you manage your time and behavior, so that you can achieve academically and still have some room for fun.

  • Learning strategies every student should know

    One of the best ways to make sure that students are learning and not just studying, is to introduce the concept of metacognition. Using language that students will understand, the expert presenter of this workshop explains how this concept can be integrated into study strategies and ultimately how it can help students move up Bloom's Taxonomy from lower level to higher level learning.

  • Reading comprehension strategies

    Textbooks are often densely packed with information and it is often hard to figure out what is important and what isn't. This workshop explores strategies to stay active with a test so that you can get the most out of a textbook (and stay away while reading one!).