A campaign for Saint Martin's Abbey and University

We are calling upon all the Saints to help us support life-long learners and world-changing leaders who think, pray and lead with heart by raising $100 million for programs, facilities and scholarships.

We are asking all Saints, past and present, to help us continue the legacy of Saint Martin's. Who are Saints? They are our monastic members, students, staff, faculty, parents, alumni and our amazing extended family of friends and benefactors. We hope all Saints will give for every Saint. (Read press release)

For Every Saint: A campaign for Saint Martin's Abbey and University

For Every Saint

Through "For Every Saint: The Campaign for Saint Martin’s Abbey and University" we will raise $100 million in critical funding to bring together "people, place and purpose" to serve and expand Saint Martin's educational mission:

$20m for People: Agents of Excellence
$30m for Place: Centers for Student Life and Learning
$50m for Purpose: Access and Opportunity

People: Nursing student and Dr. Teri Woo


Listening • Dignity of Work • Stability  

Saint Martin’s has become a comprehensive institution offering transformational undergraduate and graduate programs to one of the most diverse student populations in the Pacific Northwest. Across all disciplines, Saint Martin’s emphasizes critical thinking and ethical decision-making, while also encouraging innovation and discovery.

Place: Ernsdorff Center


Hospitality • Community • Respect for Others

From beloved Old Main to the innovative O'Grady Library and Cebula Hall to Baran, Burton, Parsons and Spangler Halls, many Saints feel the sense of welcome and belonging of this place. Saint Martin's also continues to develop state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities as well as ecologically sensitive, aesthetically beautiful living and learning spaces to engage all in our community and bring in community and business leaders.

Purpose: Commencement


Stewardship • Justice • Peace

A Saint Martin’s education is academically rigorous, supportive of student success, and informed by its timeless Catholic Benedictine traditions. Expanding our endowment will allow us to award more financial need-based and merit-based scholarships, at higher levels per student. Scholarship support, and academic, athletic, spiritual and leadership development, create the foundation for a transformative Saint Martin’s education. 

Dave HS'61 and Pat Smith

Dave HS'61 and Pat Smith

"We have supported Saint Martin's over the years, but wanted to create something more permanent to honor my mother as well as recognize the support both Mala and I received when we were students, she at the university and me while in high school."

Dave HS'61 and Pat Smith

Science Initiative

Ernsdorff Center

Saint Martin's University dedicated the new Father Bede Ernsdorff, O.S.B. Center on May 9, 2019. This new 30,000 square foot facility houses the Department of Math and the Father Placidus Reischman, O.S.B. Department of Natural Sciences, as well as collaborative research spaces and teaching labs and classrooms. 

Ernsdorff Center

Act Six Scholars

Act Six Cadre 4

Saint Martin’s University will welcome seven new Act Six Scholars to the incoming class of 2026 this fall. Selected through a rigorous three-month competition from 2,000 applicants, these diverse student leaders were selected for their distinctive leadership skills, academic potential, and commitment to making a difference in their communities. 

Act Six Scholars