Department goal and outcomes

Goal: The Theatre Arts Department is dedicated to developing competent, broadly-educated theatre practitioners.  Through classroom study, rehearsal and public performance, students will develop the skills necessary to collaborate in creating compelling theatrical events. The Theatre Arts program is based on the premise that learning and practicing the discipline of theatre makes us effective communicators; courageous performers; and compassionate leaders.

  • Outcome 1: Students will demonstrate competence in acting techniques appropriate to naturalistic and non-naturalistic dramatic styles.
  • Outcome 2: Students will demonstrate competence in directing for the stage.
  • Outcome 3: Students will demonstrate competence in writing for the stage.
  • Outcome 4: Students will learn design/technical terminology and demonstrate competence in at least one of the design/technical aspects of production.
  • Outcome 5: Students will demonstrate competence in close reading and critical analysis of plays from diverse historical periods.
  • Outcome 6: Students enrolled in the film courses will learn to analyze and develop a critical perspective on films as art and as popular culture.