Mission statement

The mission of the sociology and cultural anthropology major is to provide an interdisciplinary program that focuses on theory and practice in anthropology and sociology. The program fosters intellectual growth, academic discipline, effective oral and written expression, and critical understanding of the anthropology and sociology’s disciplinary methods and practices. The major’s curriculum focuses on the integration of theory and research in the examination of anthropology and sociology’s approach to understanding human culture and behavior.

Department of Sociology and Cultural Anthropology objectives/learning outcomes:

Students completing the Sociology and Cultural Anthropology major will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a general understanding of core sociology and cultural anthropology concepts/principles and core ethnographic literature, and Social Problems  
    • Satisfactory completion of SOC 101 Modern Society and Culture, SOC 102 American Social Problems, and SOC 103 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the historical development of anthropology and sociology, and demonstrate an understanding prominent theories and schools of thought.   
    • Satisfactory completion of SOC 318 History of Sociology and Anthropology, and of SOC 350 Social Theory.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of sociological and anthropological research including both quantitative and qualitative research designs.
    • Satisfactory completion of SOC 240 Research Methods, and SOC 450 Advanced Research Methods course.
  • Design and completes an individually created research project that draws on disciplinary research methods and social theory, and demonstrates both verbally and in writing a satisfactory Senior Thesis that meets professional standards.
    • Satisfactory completion of SOC499 Senior Seminar course.