Religious Studies is an interdisciplinary department offering a major, a minor, and electives, enabling students with a variety of interests to explore religious traditions, practices, and values. The Judeo-Christian heritage is emphasized, with respect for and understanding of other religious traditions.

Religious Studies faculty members focus on a wide range of topics, including Scripture, Theology, and the moral dimension in human behavior. As representatives of the Catholic Benedictine tradition, we are committed to an ecumenical and interfaith spirit that promotes the concepts of peace, justice, and social transformation.

Learning outcomes

Students majoring in religious studies will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of the world’s religious traditions, teachings, and practices
    • 70% or more on the department-developed religious literacy test
  • [For students in the Theology track] Demonstrate a broad understanding of the Catholic and other Christian traditions
    • 70% or more on the department-developed  test on Catholicism and other Christian religions
  • [For students in the biblical track] Demonstrate an understanding of the biblical story and approaches to its study
    • 70% or more on the department-developed biblical studies test
  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret religious artifacts and primary religious texts in English
    • Evaluation of texts from a pre-selected RLS course
  • Demonstrate the ability to express oneself independently both orally and in writing about religious and theological issues
    • Capstone or scholarship day presentation
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply religious and ethical values and beliefs to life
    • Final essay in RLS 305 or Core 340