Program mission/description:

The music major prepares students to be involved in a variety of musical pursuits, including teaching in a studio setting, teaching music in grades K-12, participating in a variety of performance organizations and serving as a music conductor. The program also provides preparation for advanced study in performance, music theory and literature.

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Perform capably as a soloist
    • Demonstrate  an ability to work independently and with music faculty in preparation for quality performance;
    • Demonstrate a working knowledge of  standard repertoire and supporting literature  applicable to the primary performance medium;
    • (Vocal track)  Demonstrate a correct pronunciation of Italian, French, Latin and German via  lessons and International Phonetic  Alphabet;
    • Participate in solo and ensemble  performance;
    • Present a half hour Junior Recital
    • Present a one hour Senior Recital
  • Perform capably within an ensemble
    • Demonstrate the ability to work both independently and with music faculty to prepare high quality performances;
    • Demonstrate the ability to recognize the ensemble rudiments - blend, intonation and balance within the context of  collaboration
    • Achieve high quality collaborative performance.
  • Understand the structure and style of compositions
    • Demonstrate the ability to work independently by preparing music using rhythm, melody, harmony, and by understanding formal compositional structures  unique to each era.
    • Demonstrate the ability to hear and identify compositional structures;
    • Develop  basic formal compositional structures using rhythm, melody and harmony;
  • Explain theoretical and historical elements of music through prose
    • Demonstrate the ability to understand  and share theoretical principles through written explanation;
    • Demonstrate a working knowledge of music history specifically-- principle eras, genres and musical repertoire through prose;
    • Select and cite appropriate and reliable sources;