The mission of the Department of History and Political Science is to critically examine the current and past peoples, places, cultures and power relations across the globe.  The Department seeks to help its students engage in critical analysis of society and power structures.  In keeping with the Benedictine values of service, community, and diversity, history and political science students will seek to understand the significance of class, race, gender, property relations, and other identities in shaping political structures and behavior across time.  Our department seeks to educate future leaders to be thoughtful, informed, and objective participants in the global society.  Toward that goal, the department will strive to promote social justice and to encourage students to be active, thoughtful members of their community.

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Develop a systematic critical analysis of prevailing political ideals and the human experience of them over time and place.
  2. Conduct research in the major areas of history and political science.
  3. Demonstrate the historical, contemporary, and ethical basis for “the commons” and the common good in American and global society.
  4. Develop knowledge and understanding of other cultures and the barriers to creating a true world community.
  5. Excel in written communication
  6. Excel in oral communication