The English Department serves majors, minors, basic composition students, and other members of our diverse student population by offering a focused yet flexible program of courses in writing, literature, rhetoric, and literary theory. Most of our classes examine literature as a living process intimately connected with the complex problems of its place, culture, community, and history.

The English curriculum introduces our majors to a substantial body of knowledge in British, American, and Anglophone literature, as well as literary works in translation from across the globe and throughout history. English majors are encouraged to become familiar with a broad array of literary traditions and critical methodologies before specializing in a capstone project—a self-designed, research-intensive, interpretive thesis undertaken in the senior year.

A major in English is excellent preparation for continued professional studies at the graduate level (including law, medicine, and business); jobs that require skills in communication, research, analysis, and public relations; and specialized employment in the fields of education, journalism, publishing, and the creative arts.

Learning outcomes

  • Outcome 1: Students will be able to write an essay with an interpretive thesis that is supported by evidence.
  • Outcome 2: Students will become proficient in a broad array of literary traditions and critical approaches to literature.
  • Outcome 3: Students will be knowledgeable of standard writing and research conventions.
  • Outcome 4: Students will broaden their knowledge base, strengthen their language skills and cultivate an understanding of the human condition that draws on the literary arts.