Mission statement

The Communication Studies major is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on communication and media theory, research, and digital media production. The program fosters student’s intellectual growth, effective oral and written communication skills, and creative expression through multimedia platforms as a way of encouraging critical thinking around areas of freedom of expression and social justice. The major’s core emphasizes the integration of theory, research, and practice in the examination of social, cultural, historical, political and economic forces that come to shape media institutions and communication practices at a local and global scale.

Communication Studies objectives/learning outcomes:

Students completing the communication studies major will:

  1. Demonstrate a general understanding of communication concepts and principles, including media theory and discourse analysis.
  2. Attain hands-on experience of various communication practices through media production courses and internships.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of social scientific research including both quantitative and qualitative research design.
  4. Evaluate and critique a particular question or issue through communication and media theories, research, and policies; and convey them verbally, in writing and/or through a creative project in order to produce a Senior Thesis that meets the major and degree requirements, and professional standards.