Program mission/description:

The Master of Mechanical Engineering Program is designed to provide engineering and science graduates with specialized technical knowledge in the thermal and mechanics areas of mechanical engineering.

The curriculum is adaptable to both recent graduates and engineers with professional experience. Students will emerge with enhanced engineering analysis and design skills tailored to their professional objectives. All courses are offered in the late afternoon or evening to accommodate working students who are professionals. Classes are generally scheduled to allow a student to complete the program in a two to three year period by taking two classes per semester.

The program objectives of the MME program are

  1. to prepare students for specialization in advanced engineering topics of interest to them;
  2. to prepare students for the competitive high technology job market;
  3. to prepare students to become technology researchers and pursue PhD degrees in Mechanical, Aerospace, Biomedical, and Materials Engineering; and
  4. to prepare students to become responsible and effective leaders of technology development.