This delightful cocktail is Saint Martin's red with the perfect mix of sweet and slightly tart.


  • Vodka of choice
  • Tanqueray 10 gin
  • Fresh lime juice (one squeeze per cocktail)
  • Ocean Spray cranberry cocktail juice
  • Ice for shaking
  • Grapefruit vodka
  • Sliced lime

1. Combine equal parts regular vodka and Tanqueray 10 gin in shaker.
2. Add squeeze of fresh lime juice.
3. Pour in splash of cranberry juice cocktail.
4. Shake with ice.
5. Pour into martini glass(es).
5. Top with float (spritz) of grapefruit vodka.
6. Add lime wedge to garnish.
7. Sip and enjoy as we celebrate 125 years of Saint Martin's University!

Special thanks to Chicago Title Company, our Saint Martini Sponsor.