Security enhancing programs and services

Several University programs and services help protect members of the Saint Martin's community and educate them to protect themselves on and off campus.

Office of Public Safety
Old Main, room 251, 360-438-4555

The Office of Public Safety has direct oversight responsibility for all operational and administrative aspects of campus safety and security. In conjunction with the Office of the President, the office endeavors to provide a safe environment for all faculty, staff and students in which to work and learn. The office pursues this goal by insuring that appropriate policies and procedures are in place and that necessary resources are made available to the appropriate departments within the Saint Martin's University community.

One area in which the Office of Public Safety has contributed greatly to campus safety has been insuring that campus security officers are well-trained and that vital public awareness programs are in place. Helping to make the Saint Martin's community aware of safety and security issues enhances the University's ability to prevent crime and to deal effectively with that crime we face.

Office of Student Affairs
Old Main, Room 206, 360-438-4367

The Office of Student Affairs is committed to providing a safe campus environment for all students through a variety of programs sponsored by several departments. These programs are designed to make students aware of safety issues and to motivate them to become active participants in keeping the campus safe for everyone. The dean of student services is open to suggestions, comments, complaints or concerns from students about safety issues and will make every effort to resolve them.

Associated Students of Saint Martin's University (ASSMU)
Trautman Union Building, 360-438-4299

Every student is a member of the University's student government, the Associated Students of Saint Martin's University. Leaders of the student body are elected each spring and are charged with the responsibility of representing the concerns and issues of their constituents. If you have safety issues that are student-related and would like a venue in which to present and gain support for your concern, please feel free to contact the ASSMU office. ASSMU is committed to educating students about safety issues and has been a co-sponsor of a variety of educational programs, such as Alcohol Awareness Week, Wellness Week and Sexual Assault Awareness Week.

Office of Campus Life
Trautman Union Building, 360-438-4299

The Office of Campus Life is committed to the education of students using co-curricular avenues. The office provides educational programs surrounding current issues and concerns of the student body. The office's goal is to promote understanding, awareness and education through programs on topics such as date rape, self-defense and alcohol awareness.

The Office of Campus Life is a resource office for students who would like to conduct a program or are interested in a venue to address student concerns.

Office of Residence Life
Spangler Hall, 360-412-6163

The Office of Residence Life is staffed by an enthusiastic group of professionals and students who are here to make each resident's campus stay a safer, more secure one than might be found elsewhere. The office has many things planned to keep students busy this year, including programs about personal safety. Office staffers look forward to working with students. Please stop by.

Counseling and Wellness Center
Old Main, Room 203, 360-438-4371

Counseling services, provided by professional counselors, are strictly confidential and are available without charge to members of the University community living either on or off campus.

Individual counseling services, support groups, community referrals, consultations, workshops and relaxation tapes are available through the office.

The office of counseling services assists students with issues ranging from dealing with the daily stresses of school and adjusting to University, to depression, family issues and eating disorders.

Office of Disability Support Services
Old Main, Room 214, 360-438-4580
TTY 360-438-4556

The Office of Disability Support Services coordinates services and accommodations for students with disabilities.

Students wishing to request reasonable accommodations are responsible for initiating contact with the office. The Office of Disability Support Services will assess the student's individual needs, assist in communicating those needs to faculty and staff and help the student obtain materials, services and the assistance necessary to successfully pursue an education.