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Frequently asked questions

How and when will I receive my housing paperwork?

  • Once you have paid your enrollment deposit through the Office of Admissions, you will need to complete your housing forms online through next steps. For new students, all housing paperwork should be submitted through the Office of Admissions. Commuters, returning students, international students, or midyear applicants may request housing documents in person at the Spangler or Parsons offices, by e-mailing, or by calling (360) 412-6163.

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What is the residency requirement?

  • All single undergraduate students are required to live on campus while enrolled for classes at Saint Martin’s University unless they:
  • Have reached junior status (60 semester or 90 quarter credit hours) not including Running Start credits, prior to registration for fall or spring semester classes;
  • Are twenty-one years of age or older on or before the last official day of registration for the fall semester;
  • Are residing at home within 30 miles of Saint Martin's University with parent(s) or legal guardian(s);
  • Have lived in a university residence hall for four or more complete semesters;
  • Are taking eight or fewer credit hours during the semester in question.

International students, including English-as-a-second-language (ESL) students, must follow the same policy; however, they are granted the following exemptions:

  • They are living with a prearranged host family for the duration of their stay;
  • They have a letter of permission from their countries embassy.

In all cases, an exemption form and proper documentation must be on file prior to registration for fall or spring semester classes.

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What does it mean to have a 12-month contract?

  • During spring re-application, students selecting apartments have the option to reserve that space from May of that year through May of the following year. The cost of a 12-month contract is calculated by adding the rate of the apartment for the regular academic year plus the full cost of summer housing.

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What does it mean to have a community bathroom?

  • When planning for the construction of Parsons Hall, a group of students were included in conversations with the building design team. Based on their experiences in Baran Hall, these students insisted that community bathrooms were an important part of the freshmen bonding experience. Consequently, Parsons Hall includes between 3 and 5 community bathrooms per floor, each one serving between 12 and 16 first-year residents. Community bathrooms feature 3 separate areas: sinks and counters, toilet stalls, and private shower facilities.

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How do residents do laundry on campus?

  • No quarters needed for laundry here! There are laundry facilities (washers, dryers, and folding tables) in each residence hall. Debit or credit cards are used to purchase and reload laundry cards from vending machines in Spangler and Parsons Halls. Money can be added to the laundry card as needed using a debit or credit card. When laundry time rolls around, just swipe the card!

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How do I receive mail and packages while I'm at SMU?

  • SMU has its own mail service, fueled by a member of our monastic community. “Monk Mail” is delivered to the residence halls daily, except on holidays and during some break periods. If you receive a package, you will get a parcel slip in your box and will need to go to the mail room, Old Main 250, to pick up your package. Mailboxes will be assigned to all resident students when they arrive on campus each fall. Mailrooms are located in Spangler and Parsons Halls.

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Can I change my room or roommate?

  • Living with a roommate is an essential part of the college experience and a great opportunity for personal growth. While we recognize that roommate conflicts can be challenging and do take room and roommate change requests seriously. We will also encourage students to take all reasonable steps to work through their differences before resorting to a change. As a general rule, no room changes are approved within the first two weeks of any semester, but we will utilize in-depth roommate agreements and provide mediation assistance when necessary. If other means of resolution have been unsuccessful, room change requests will be reviewed by a Residence Director. No room changes are guaranteed, but if one is approved, a $25 fee will be assessed and the moving arrangements will be coordinated through the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Unapproved or improper room changes will result in a $50 fine and the residents will return to their original assignments.

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Can I have my own room?

  • All first-year students are housed with roommates unless accommodations are requested for a disability requiring a private room. For such accommodations to be considered, the student must have proper documentation and be registered with the Office of Disability Support Services; however, neither of these conditions guarantees that the request will be granted. Residents who will be returning to housing after attending SMU for a semester or more will have the opportunity to participate in room selection towards the end of the spring semester each year. At room selection, students will have the opportunity to select their own rooms, and many will be able to select a suite- or apartment-style single room (if eligible). Single rooms are limited, however, and are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Eligible residents interested in single rooms or apartments may be added to the waitlist for any building by visiting the Spangler or Parsons offices.

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What learning communities do you have available to students?

  • Currently, there are two designated learning communities for students looking for a community with focus.
  • The first floor of Spangler Hall features our newest special interest community. Designed to pair Saint Martin’s emerging student leaders with first-year students committed to following in their footsteps, the Norcia Leaders Community will feature uniquely crafted leadership programming, activities, service opportunities, and community development projects.
  • Oikos (pronounced EE-koss), an exciting Residential Learning Community (RLC) is housed on the third floor of Parsons Hall , our newest Residence Hall. The Oikos RLC is a co-curricular program which means that you have the unique opportunity unlike any other on campus to participate in learning together both inside and outside the classroom. Studies have shown that students who participate in co-curricular residential programs around the country like Oikos are more successful in their transition to college, are more connected to faculty and are more successful in academics.

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How do I pay for housing?

  • All housing payments are made in students accounts through student financial services. For more information visit Student Financial Services.

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Can you choose your own room?

  • While students cannot choose their own room, we make sure that students get a room that best fits their preference.
  • Students fill out a housing application and contract and we work to give every student their first preference. If you need a specific accommodation please contact

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Is it possible to change the meal plan?

  • Meal plans may be changed by submitting the meal plan change form anytime before the University's add/drop date for the respective semester, but no changes will be made thereafter.
  • Residents who live in non-apartment spaces and have not fulfilled their housing requirement must purchase a traditional (gold, silver, or bronze) meal plan. Traditional board plans do not include meals during vacation periods (winter, spring, and summer breaks). In most cases, food service is available on a cash basis during vacation periods. Residents who live in campus apartments are not required to purchase a meal plan; however, meal plan options are available for apartment residents.

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If you are interested in any of these options or have suggestions for additional theme communities, please contact us!