"I felt fully prepared for my new job as an administrator"

-Mike Velasquez, alumni and principal of Avanti High School

Graduate Studies



Physical location
438 Old Main

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Graduate Studies
5000 Abbey Way SE
Lacey, WA 98503

Office hours
9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Tuesday - Friday

Faculty and staff

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Dr. Kathleen Allen, Added Endorsement

Kathleen Allen
Assistant professor, added endorsement
Phone: 360-438-4501
Office: Old Main 471
Email: kallen@stmartin.edu

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Faye Barnes, Placement officer

Faye Barnes
Placement officer, education
Phone: 360-438-4530
Office: Old Main 467
Email: fbarnes@stmartin.edu

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Sandra Brandt, Administrative assistant

Sandra Brandt
Administrative assistant, MAC program
Phone: 360-438-4560
Office: Old Main 327
Email: sbrandt@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Candice Carter, Associate professor

Candice Carter
Associate professor, associate dean, MIT director
Phone: 360-688-2762
Office: Old Main 472
Email: ccarter@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Huabin Chen, Professor

Huabin Chen
Professor, education
Phone: 360-438-4344
Office: Old Main 468
Email: hchen@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Godfrey Ellis, professor

Godfrey Ellis
MAC program director, professor, MAC program
Phone: 360-438-4560
Office: Old Main 327
Email: gellis@stmartin.edu

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Trevor Frederick
Certification officer, education
Phone: 360-438-4362
Office: Old Main 475
Email: tfrederick@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Fumie Hashimoto

Fumie Hashimoto
Professor, education
Phone: 360-438-4330
Office: Old Main 463
Email: fumie@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Belinda Hill

Belinda Hill
Associate professor, elementary education
Phone: 360-438-4315
Office: Old Main 473
Email: belinda@stmartin.edu

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Carla Jacobs, Centralia Program Manager

Carla Jacobs
Centralia program manager, Centralia extension
Phone: 360-736-9391, ext. 414
Office: Centralia Extension, Centralia Community College, Washington Hall, room 219
Email: cjacobs@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Linda Maier, MED director, school administration program director, assistant professor

Linda Maier
School administration program director, MED Director, assistant professor, MED program
Phone: 360-438-8831
Office: Old Main 466
Email: lmaier@stmartin.edu

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Sarah McKinney,TCC program manager

Sarah McKinney
TCC program manager, TCC
Phone: 253-566-5083
Office: SMU at TCC, 6501 S 19th Street, Building F1 RM 63, Tacoma, WA 98466
Email: smutcceducation@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Paul Nelson, professor

Paul Nelson
Professor, education
Phone: 360-584-4085
Office: Old Main 419
Email: pnelson@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Leticia Nieto, professor

Leticia Neito
Professor, MAC program
Phone: 360-754-6053
Office: Old Main 331
Email: lnieto@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Cindy Petersen, professor

Cindy Petersen
Professor, special education director, special education
Phone: 360-438-4549
Office: Old Main 461
Email: cpetersen@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Eileen Reilich, associate professor

Eileen Reilich
Associate professor, secondary education
Phone: 360-438-4418
Office: Old Main 469
Email: ereilich@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Mina Ringenbach, assistant professor

Mina Ringenbach
Assistant professor, guidance and counseling
Phone: 360-438-4503
Office: Old Main 464
Email: ringenbach@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Maureen Siera, STAR director

Maureen Siera
Associate professor, STAR program director, STAR program
Phone: 360-438-4520
Office: Old Main 470
Email: msiera@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Steve Siera, associate dean, associate professor, MIT director

Steve Siera
Associate professor, associate dean, MIT director, MIT program
Phone: 360-438-4589
Office: Old Main 472
Email: ssiera@stmartin.edu

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Mary Snyder, Program Manager, JBLM

Mary Snyder
JBLM program manager, JBLM
Phone: 253-964-7392
Office: JBLM main extension campus
Email: msnyder@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Lou Therrell, associate professor

Lou Therrell
Associate professor, elementary education
Phone: 360-438-4335
Office: Old Main 467
Email: therrell@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Dan Windisch, professor, Guidance and Counseling

Dan Windisch
Professor, guidance and counseling
Phone: 360-438-4503
Office: Old Main 464
Email: windisch@stmartin.edu

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Dr. Peggy Zorn, associate professor

Peggy Zorn
Associate professor, MAC program
Phone: 360-426-2395
Office: Old Main 327
Email: peggyzorn@stmartin.edu

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