Faculty and staff directory

To reach the operator from off campus please dial 360-491-4700.

For a recorded message regarding University closure or delay please dial 360-486-8899.

Telephone work order: help@stmartin.edu
Key requests: http://smc.stmartin.edu/its/ITS_Forms/key_request.htm

Last name First name Title Dept./​Division Room number Email address Phone
Abbot Adrian Parcher ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Abbot Neal Roth The Abbot Abbey Monastery THEABBOT​@stmartin.edu 360-491-4700
Adams Ann Associate Dean of Students and Director of Career Development Career Services OM 257 aadams​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8842
Alexandre Sandra Accounts Payable Specialist Finance Office OM 316 salexandre​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2453
Allen Dr. Kathleen Associate Professor Education OM 471 kallen​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4501
Amende Dr. Bonnie Associate Professor Mathematics OM 413 BAmende​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4550
Anderson Julie Financial Aid Coordinator - Workstudy Student Financial Services OM 250 janderson​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8866
Anderson Serin Electronics Services Librarian Reference O'Grady Library SAnderson​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8813
Apfelstadt Dr. Eric Dean College of Arts and Sciences OM 329 EApfelstadt​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4564
Archibald Dr. Olivia Professor English O'Grady U3 oarchibald​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4357
Armer Gina Assistant Professor School of Business OM 371 GArmer​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4361
Arroyo Cruz Director Extension Programs Ft. Lewis carroyo​@stmartin.edu 253-964-4688
Artime Tiffany Assistant Professor Psychology OM 337 tartime​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6101
Axtell Dr. Darrell Associate Professor Chemistry/Natural Sciences OM 102-A daxtell​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4313
Baldovin Laura Payroll Administrator / Reports Analyst Finance Office OM 316 LBaldovin​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2451
Baldovin Janna Advancement Services Financial Manager Office of Institutional Advancement OM 214 jbaldovin​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8873
Barnes Dr. Brian Assistant Professor History OM 300 BBarnes​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4325
Barnes Faye Placement Officer Education OM 476 fbarnes​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4530
Barosky Dr. Todd Assistant Professor English OM 364 tbarosky​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6153
Beckwith Carole Ann General Manager Bon Appétit OM 171 caroleann.​beckwith​@stmartin.edu 360-923-8797
Beer Dr. Richard Dean School of Business OM 379 JRBeer​@stmartin.edu 360-923-8784
Bellevue Gordon Lab Instructor Physics OM 110 gbellevue​@stmartin.edu
Berney Jan Director Office of Counseling and Wellness Services Lynch jberney​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4371
Bingaman Diane  Assistant Professor, Chair Accounting OM 367 DBingaman​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4331
Birkenstein Dr. Jeff Associate Professor, Chair English OM 347 jbirkenstein​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8846
Bishay Dr. Peter Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Cebula 103E PBishay​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2741
Bishop Kevin Head Coach Men's Golf Athletics Pavillion KBishop​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4523
Bobadilla Carlos Custodian Custodial Zaverl CBobadilla​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Bockman Burke Assistant Track & Field Coach Athletics Charneski Recreation Center bbockman @stmartin.edu 360-486-8852
Bode Dr. Robert Assistant Professor College of Arts and Sciences OM 405 RBode​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4384
Born Darrell Music and Choral Director - Associate Professor, Chair Music/Fine Arts Kreielsheimer dborn​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4506
Bourgault Deanna Director of Annual Giving Office of Institutional Advancement OM 214 Deanna.Bourgault​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4586
Boyd Tracy Maintenance Technician Maintenance Zaverl TBoyd​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4399
Brandt Sandra Administrative Assistant MAC Program OM 412 sbrandt​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4560
Brewer Jim Head Coach, Cross Country, Track and Field Athletics Pavilion jbrewer​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8853
Br. Aelred Woodard ***** Abbey Monastery br_aelred​@stmartin.edu 360-491-4700
Br. Bede Nicol Office Assistant to the Abbot Abbey Monastery br_bede​@stmartin.edu 360-491-4700
Br. Boniface Lazzari Associate Professor World Languages OM 339 Via
Br. Edmund Ebbers Oblate Director Abbey Monastery br_edmund​@stmartin.edu 360-491-4700
Br. Lawrence Vogel ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Br. Luke Devine ***** Abbey Monastery br_luke​@stmartin.edu 360-491-4700
Br. Mark Bonneville ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Br. Nicolaus Wilson ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Br. Ramon Newell Manager Mail Room/​Post Office OM 177 br_ramon​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8840
Br. Theodore Vavrek ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Br. Vincent Francis ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Brown Geoffrey Disability Support Services Coordinator Center for Learning, Writing & Advising O'Grady Library GBrown​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4580
Bullinger Neal Director of Data Center Integrated Technology Services O'Grady Library nbullinger​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8816
Burden Renee Program Specialist Extension Programs Fort Lewis rburden​@stmartin.edu 253-964-4688
Burns Brenda Study Abroad Coordinator Office of the Provost OM 427 bburns​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4521
Butler Dr. Michael Associate Professor, Chair Psychology OM 301 mbutler​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4355
Carson Marki Creative Director Marketing and Communications OM 201 mcarson​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8857
Carter Candice Associate Dean College of Education & Counseling Psychology OM 475 ccarter@stmartin.edu 360-688-2762
Casillas Dr. Rex ​Associate Professor, Chair History and Political Science OM 303 casillas​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4347
Chan Genevieve Vice President Marketing and Communications OM 201E gchan​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4332
Chapman Catherine Library Associate-​Monographs Technical Services O'Grady Library Cchapman​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8822
Chavez Dr. Julia Assistant Professor English OM 312a jchavez​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6132
Cheek Philip Construction Project Coordinator Facilities Zaverl philip.cheek​@stmartin.edu 360-239-5639
Chen Dr. Huabin Professor, Director of Technology in Education Program Education OM 468 hchen​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4344
Christy Toni Visitor Information Center Office Manager Public Safety OM 251 tchristy​@stmartin.edu 360-491-4700
Cleary Casey International Student Advisor & Admissions Counselor Office of International Programs and Development OM 430 ccleary​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4380
Coby Dr. Aaron Associate Professor / Associate Dean Biology / College of Arts and Sciences OM 331 ACoby​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8867
Conant Dr. Don MBA Director, Assistant Professor School of Business OM 376 dconant​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2756
Counseling Center Counseling and Wellness Services Lynch 360-412-6123
Craft Bailey Assistant Director Graduate Studies OM 438 BCraft​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6142
Craig Shawna Custodian, Shift Lead Custodial Zaverl SCraig​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Duan Dr. Shawn Professor - Chair Mechanical Engineering Cebula 103 A SDuan​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2745
Davis Greg Associate Vice President-CIO ITS O'Grady Library GDavis​@stmartin.edu 360-923-9772
DeBow Deborah Director Learning and Writing Center O'Grady Library ddebow​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4570
Desilets Orion Maintenance, Operations Assistant Event Services Pavilion/​NWCC odesilets​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Desilets Rebecca Custodian Custodial Zaverl rdesilets​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Dinh Dr. Tam Assistant Professor/BSW Field Education Director Social Work and Community Services OM 328 tdinh​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6150
Donahoo Mary Applications Administrator MIS 5500 Pacific mdonahoo​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2226
DuBois Denis Assistant Professor Business and Economics OM 374 ddubois​@stmartin.edu
Duffin Dr. Andrew Visiting Professor History and Political Science OM 319 ADuffin​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4406
Dvorak Dr. Radana Dean Extended Learning OM 438 rdvorak​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6141
Dwyer Jonathan B. Director of Campus Ministry Campus Ministry OM 201F JDwyer​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6152
Dwyer Margaret Media Relations Manager Marketing and Communications OM 201 MDwyer​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6126
Edmundson Katrina Custodian Shift Lead Custodial Zaverl KEdmundson​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Edmonston Mark Public Safety Officer Public Safety OM 251 medmonston​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4555
Edwards Dr. Rebecca Visiting Professor, Director Music/First Year Seminar OM 321 redwards​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6130
Ellis Dr. Godfrey Professor, Chair Leadership and Counseling Psychology MAC Program OM 412 gellis​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4560
Espiritu Jeremiah Custodian Custodial Services Zaverl JEspiritu​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Fr. Alfred Hulscher Prior Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Fr. Bede Classick Treasurer Abbey OM 261 fr_bede​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4392
Fr. Clement Pangratz ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Fr. David Pratt Assistant Professor Philosophy OM 373 David.Pratt​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4309
Fr. Edward Receconi Abbey Monastery fr_edward​@stmartin.edu 360-491-4700
Fr. George Seidel Professor, Chair Philosophy OM 373 GSEIDEL​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4416
Fr. Gerard Kirsch Assistant Professor History OM 313 fr_gerard​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4349
Fr. Hugo Lungu ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Fr. Justin McCreedy ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Fr. Kilian Malvey Professor Religious Studies/​English OM 361 fr_kilian​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4342
Fr. Marion Nguyen Benedictine Insititue Abbey Monastery None 360-412-6155
Fr. Paul Weckert Guesthouse Master Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Fr. Peter Tynan Chaplain and Archivist Special Collections O'Grady Library Fr_Peter​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8828
Fr. Thaddaeus Arledge ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Fr. Timothy Lamm ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Foster Sceni Office Manager Event Services NWCC Sfoster​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4488
Fox Samuel Assistant Professor Biology OM 401C sfox@stmartin.edu 360-438-4537
Frederick Trevor Certifications Officer College of Education and Counseling Psychology OM 475 tfrederick​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4362
Garland Ken Supervisor, Grounds/​Head Baseball Coach Maintenance Zaverl kgarland​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4399
Garrido Mercedes JBLM/McChord Field Campus Coordinator McChord Distance Learning Center McChord MGarrido​@stmartin.edu 253-584-3533
Gendelman Dr. Irina Associate Professor of Communication / Instructional Designer Society and Social Justice O'Grady Library igendelman​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8826
Goings Dr. Aaron  Assistant Professor History OM 319 agoings​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4406
Gordon Caitlin Transfer Admissions Counselor Admissions OM 256 CGordon​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4594
Gorzelsky Stefanie Circulation Manager Circulation O'Grady Library sgorzelsky@stmartin.edu 360-688-2254
Gregor Christopher Assistant Athletic Director for Internal Operations Athletics Pavilion cgregor​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4510
Gregory Erik Technology Coordinator Reference O'Grady Library egregory​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8811
Grisham Bob Athletic Director Athletics Pavilion/​NWCC bgrisham​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4368
Grob Dr. Heather Associate Professor School of Business OM 369 hgrob​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4292
Grosso Michael Director - Financial Aid Student Financial Services - Financial Aid OM 250 Michael.Grosso​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8868
Grover John Custodian Custodial Zaverl JGrover​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Guerci Jim Director of Alumni Relations Office of Institutional Advancement OM 214 jguerci@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Guevara Marie (Peggy) Laboratory Manager Natural Sciences OM 110B mguevara@stmartin.edu 360-438-4574
Guttman Anne Custodian Shift Lead Custodial Zaverl aguttman​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Guyer Tanaa Assistant Director - Student Accounts Student Financial Services - Student Accounts OM 250 tguyer​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4297
Hall Joyce Library Assistant II Circulation O'Grady Library jhall​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8807
Hampton Sarah Executive Assistant to the Provost / Vice President of Academic Affairs Office of the Provost OM 269 shampton​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4310
Handstad Sonja Abbey Accountant Abbey OM 263 SHandstad​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4386
Harrison Scot Dean of the Library Library O'Grady Library sharrison​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2250
Hartman Dr. Mary Jo Associate Professor Biology OM 403 mhartman​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4452
Hashimoto Dr. Fumie Professor Education OM 463 fhashimoto​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4330
Hauhart Dr. Robert Professor Society and Social Justice OM 315 rhauhart​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4525
Healy Tim Assistant Professor/​Chair PE Program Physical Education Pavilion/​NWCC thealy​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4369
Heltsley Susan Vice President Finance OM 206 SHeltsley​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4534
Hennessy Jessica Director, Campus Life Campus Life TUB jhennessy@stmartin.edu 360-438-4577
Heynderickx Dr. Roy President Office of the President OM 269 president​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4307
Hill Dr. Belinda Associate Professor Education OM 473 belinda​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4315
Hlavsa David Professor/Director Theater/Interdisciplinary Studies OM 343 dhlavsa​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4345
Hoff Laura Executive Assistant to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences College of Arts and Sciences OM 329 LHoff​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4564
Holdener Sarah Director of Event Services Event Services NWCC sholdener​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4403
Hopkins John Associate Dean of Students Intercultural Initiatives OM 312 JHopkins​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8847
Igharo Dr. Pius Chair/​Associate Professor Civil Engineering Cebula 203E pigharo​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2751
Jackson Karen Accounts Payable/ Procurement Specialist Finance OM 316 kjackson​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2452
Jacobs Carla Program Manager Extension Programs Centralia College cjacobs​@stmartin.edu 360-736-9391, ext. 414
Jerome Spencer Admissions Outreach Coordinator Admissions OM 256 SJerome​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8117
Johnson Cynthia Associate Vice President Office of Human Resources OM 221 CJohnson​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8131
Johnston Ahern Maintenance Technician Maintenance Zaverl Ahern.Johnston​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4399
Joseph Douglas Maintenance Specialist-Plumber Maintenance Zaverl DJoseph​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4399
Jung Dr. Han Soo (Isaac) Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Cebula 103F HSJUNG​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2740
Kaplan Dr. Louise Associate Professor/Director Nursing Program OM 349 LKaplan​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6129
Kayij-Wint Kaj  Assistant Professor MAC Program OM 419 Kaj.KayijWint@stmartin.edu 360-923-8794
Kelly Fiona Business Analyst Management Information Systems OM 213 fkelly@stmartin.edu 360-688-2229
Kendall Garrett Maintenance Technician Maintenance Zaverl gkendall​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4399
Kilmer Dr. Jason Substance Abuse Prevention Program Coordinator Counseling and Wellness Services OM 203 jkilmer​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4513
Kinderman Dr. Kathy Visiting Professor - Nursing College of Arts and Sciences OM 349 A KKinderman​@stmartin.edu
Kirkland Linda Computer Program Application Specialist Management Information Systems OM 213 lkirkland​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2235
Klemmer Elke Custodian Event Services Pavilion eklemmer​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4488
Kogan Dr. Victor Professor / Chair Criminal Justice/​Sociology/Society and Social Justice OM 307 vkogan​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4348
Kuroiwa-Lewis Dr. Nathalie Associate Professor / Director English / Writing Center O’Grady L3 NKuroiwaLewis​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4533
Langill Dr. Richard Professor History/​Political Science OM 333 rlangill​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4588
Larson Mary Computer Program Application Specialist Management Information Systems OM 213 mlarson​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2236
Lauritsen Susan Custodian Custodial Zaverl SLauritsen​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Lew Carl Web Manager Marketing and Communications OM 201 clew​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4461
Leyster Susan Director of Service Immersion Programs Campus Ministry OM 203 A/B leysters​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4581
Ligasan Lorelie Counselor Counseling and Wellness Services Lynch LLigasan​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4513
Lobdell Megan Sports Information Director Athletics Pavilion/​NWCC mlobdell​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4328
Loebsack Alice Athletic Trainer Athletics Pavilion/​NWCC ALoebsack​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4536
Logan Alyssa Administrative Assistant Student Financial Services - Student Accounts OM 250 alogan​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4389
Long Debbie Assistant Dean Student Financial Services - Student Accounts OM 250 dlong​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4389
Lopez Hopie Executive Assistant to the Dean of the School of Engineering Engineering Cebula 102 hlopez​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2731
Loveless Cecelia Vice President Office of Institutional Advancement OM 214 360-438-6138
Lund Brenda Executive Assistant to the President Office of the President OM 269 blund​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4307
Lundquist JanAi Assistant Athletic Trainer Athletics Athletics JLundquist​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4536
Mahamah Dr. Dintie Professor Civil Engineering Cebula 203A dmahamah​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2755
Maier Linda Assistant Professor Education OM 466 LMaier​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8831
Mailhot Joe Associate Professor/Chair Mathematics and Computer Science OM 411 jmailhot​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4353
Martin J. David Community Relations & Service Learning Coordinator Office of International Programs and Development OM 430 JDavid.Martin​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6146
Maselli Mary Executive Assistant to the Dean of Student Student Affairs OM 206 mmaselli​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4367
Maxey Bob Compliance and Systems Data Administrator Financial Aid OM 225 bmaxey​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8864
McClain Tim Director Housing and Residence Life Parsons Hall 143 TMcClain​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8856
McKain Kathleen Associate Professor/Chair World Languages OM 363 kmckain​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4337
McKinney Sarah Program Manager College of Education and Professional Psychology Extension-Tacoma Community College Bldg F-1 SMU TCC Education 253-566-5083
McPartland Kacie Senior Admissions Counselor Admissions OM 256 kmcpartland​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8121
Mead Dr. Stephen Professor / Chair English / Religious Studies OM 312b smead​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4336
Meier Andy Catering Director Bon Appétit OM 153 andrew.meier​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4306
Milligan Dr. Greg Associate Professor/Chair Chemistry/Natural Sciences OM 101A gmilligan​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4314
Minton Joscelyn First Year Admissions Coordinator Admissions OM 256 jminton@stmartin.edu 360-438-4314
Moffat Kael Information Literacy Librarian Reference O'Grady Library kmoffat​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2257
Monroe Steve Assistant Director Event Services NWCC SMonroe​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8120
Moore Dr. Riley Associate Professor School of Business OM 372 rmoore​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4511
Morgan Jeff Events and Services Specialist - Custodian Event Services Pavillion/NWCC Jeffrey.Morgan​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4488
Morris Mark Manager Bookstore Bookstore mmorris​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4394
Mortensen Cherie Health Clinic Manager Student Health Clinic Burton 102 healthcenter​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6160
Motz David Program Coordinator Extension Campus McChord DMotz​@stmartin.edu 253-584-3533
Moyer Andrew Associate Treasurer Abbey Lynch AMoyer​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4578
Mullerleile Amber Facilities Assistant Facilities Zaverl amullerleile​@stmartin.edu 360-923-8778
Myers Cyndy Human Resources Coordinator Human Resources OM 221 cmyers​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4502
Nastasi Alyssa Assistant Director Career Development OM 257 Alyssa.Nastasi​@stmartin.edu 360-923-8791
Neill Kimberly Financial Aid Counselor Student Financial Services - Financial Aid OM 250 kneill@stmartin.edu 360-438-4393
Newman Linda Controller Finance OM 316 lnewman​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2450
Newton Dr. Jeremy Assistant Professor Psychology OM 345 jnewton​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6133
Nieto Dr. Leticia Professor MAC Program OM 417 lnieto​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4567
Nixon Jamie Medical Director Student Health Center Burton 102 healthcenter​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6160
Nordquist Jackie Library Associate - Serials Technical Services O'Grady Library Jackie.Nordquist​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2252
Noren Rick Assistant Athletic Director-Transportation and Head Coach-Fastpitch Athletics Pavilion/​NWCC rnoren​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4296
Olney Dr. Margaret Associate Professor Natural Sciences OM 407 molney​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4327
Olson Dr. Jamie Associate Professor English OM 352 jolson​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4302
O'Neill Breezie Assistant Director for International Programs Office of International Programs and Development OM 430 boneill​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4597
Overdeep Dr. Carol Associate Professor Mathematics OM 429 coverdeep​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4378
Overdeep James Technology Support Specialist Integrated Technology Services O'Grady Library joverdeep​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2227
Owensby Annemarie Student Loans/Collection Specialist Student Financial Services - Student Accounts OM 250 AOwensby​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4393
Parine Daniel Recreation Center Manager Recreation Center Recreation Center Dan.Parine​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8851
Pak Pyong Custodian Custodial Zaverl PPak​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Parker Dr. Stephen Assistant Professor Physics OM 110A sparker​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4363
Patterson Paul Associate Professor Business and Economics OM 378 ppatterson​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4373
Pellerin Robin Program Coordinator Extension Programs Ft. Lewis RPellerin​@stmartin.edu 253-964-4688
Petersen Dr. Cynthia Professor/​Director SED Program Education OM 461 cpetersen​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4549
Peterson Kara Women's Volleyball Coach Athletics Pavillion kpeterson​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4535
Pethia Dana Director, Fundraising Events & Corporate Sponsors Office of Institutional Advancement OM 214 360-438-4366
Phillips Nicole Executive Assistant to the Dean of the School of Business School of Business OM 379 nicole.phillips​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4512
Picone Dr. Rico Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Cebula 103C RPicone​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2743
Pilon Josefina Assistant Director of Admissions Transfer Recruitment Admissions OM 256 jpilon​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4593
Porter Dr. Katherine Associate Professor/ Director Mathematics/Advising OM 409 kporter​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4312
Preston Kim Public Safety Office Public Safety OM 251 kpreston​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4555
Pribble Alex Head Men's Basketball Coach Athletics Pavilion/​NWCC APribble​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4551
Price Dr. David ​Professor Sociology/​Anthropology OM 309 dprice​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4295
Randolph Vernon Maintenance Technician Maintenance Zaverl vrandolph​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4399
Reed Brittany Assistant Director of Campus Life Campus Life TUB breed​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8877
Reilich Dr. Eileen Associate Professor Education OM 469 ereilich​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4418
Rendon Melissa Program Coordinator Extension Programs McChord MRendon​@stmartin.edu 253-584-3533
Richardson Melanie Dean of Students Student Affairs OM 206 mrichardson​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4367
Rieff Amber Administrative Assistant III Center for Learning, Writing & Advising O'Grady Library ARieff​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4569
Ringenbach Mina Assistant Professor Education OM 464 mringenbach​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4503
Ritter Shawn Data Coordinator Education OM 477 sritter@stmartin.edu 360-438-4556
Rodriguez Diane Advisor of Studies for Pre-Majors Learning, Writing & Advising Ctr O'Grady Library drodriguez@stmartin.edu 360-486-8859
Rumbaugh Sarah Major Gifts Officer Institutional Advancement OM 214 SRumbaugh​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4585
Ruymann Michael Event Services Specialist Events Services Pavilion mruymann​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4488
Sacco Janie Residence Director Housing and Residence Life Spangler Hall jsacco​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4546
Saladino Heather Nicole Residence Director Housing and Residence Life Parsons Hall hsaladino​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8875
Santos Gerardo Custodian Custodial Zaverl GSantos​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Joni Schildman Programs Coordinator- Assessment and Compliance Extension Programs Ft. Lewis 253-964-4688
Schnabel Emilie Assistant Director-Coordinator for Campus Visits & Events Admissions OM 256 eschnabe​l@stmartin.edu 360-438-4592
Schuler Vanessa Web Content Manager Marketing and Communications OM 203 VSchuler​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8600
Seong Dr. Chun Kyung Professor Civil Engineering Cebula 203F cseong​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2750
Shkurkin Dr. Katya Professor / Director Social Work and Community Services OM 305A kshkurkin​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4385
Shohan Michael ESL Instructor Office of International Programs and Development OM 431 mshohan​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4298
Sidley Matthew Custodian Custodial Zaverl MSidley​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Siera Dr. Maureen Associate Professor/Chair Applied Pedagogy (CECP) Education OM 470 msiera​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4520
Siera Dr. Steve Associate Professor/Interim Dean College of Education & Counseling Psychology OM 476 ssiera​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4589
Simmons Wade Maintenance Technician Maintenance Pavilion/​NWCC wsimmons​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4399
Slaboch Dr. Paul Assistant Professor/Director of MEE Mechanical Engineering Cebula 103D pslaboch​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2742
Sleeper Robin Records Manager Admissions OM 247 rsleeper​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4595
Smalley Dr. Arwyn Associate Professor Natural Sciences OM 103 ASmalley​@stmartin.edu 360-923-8707
Smith Dr. Molly Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs Office of the Provost OM 269 msmith​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4310
Snider Dr. Roger Associate Professor History/​Political Science OM 311 rsnider​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4346
Snow Blaine ESL Instructor International Programs OM 433 bsnow​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4573
Snow Sandi Network Administrator Integrated Technology Services O'Grady Library ssnow​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2230
Snyder Mary Program Manager - Teacher Certification Extension Programs Fort Lewis Msnyder​@stmartin.edu 253-964-7392
Stakelin William Assistant Director Public Safety OM 251 wstakelin​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4555
Steiner Dr. Sheila Professor/​Director / Coordinator of Institutional Assessment Psychology/ General Education OM 368 SSteiner​@stmartin.edu 360-923-8724
Stout Donald Associate Professor/Chair Business/Economics OM 370 dstout​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4587
Suter Dr. David Professor Religious Studies OM 366 dsuter​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4360
Taga Lauren Assistant Director Public Safety OM 251 ltaga​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4555
Cindy Tayag Registrar Office of the Registrar OM 245 ctayag@stmartin.edu 360-438-4356
Taylor Jacqueline Registered Nurse Student Affairs-Health Center Burton 102 JTaylor​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6160
Tempel David Lab Instructor Chemistry OM 102 dtempel​@stmartin.edu
Therrell Lou Associate Professor Education OM 467 therrell​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4335
Thomas Kathleen Executive Assistant to the Vice President Office of International Programs and Development OM 430 Kathleen.Thomas​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4504
Thronson Howard Director Public Safety OM 251 HThronson​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8876
Troyer Doug Technology Support Specialist Integrated Technology Services O'Grady Library dtroyer​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2228
Tulluck Marco Director of International Programs Office of International Programs and Development OM 430 MTulluck​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4598
Tyler Alan Director Facilities Burton 108 ATyler​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4495
VACANT Dean College of Education & Counseling Psychology OM 476 360-438-4509
VACANT Professor Computer Science Cebula 103B 360-688-2602
VACANT Program Coordinator - Registrar Technology Registrar OM 245 360-438-4552
Van Vleet Kim Director of Institutional Research Office of Assessment OM 435 kvanvleet​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6145
Vandergriff Ron Manager Computer Resource & Copy Center OM 350 ronv​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4518
Vandergriff Ronda Assistant Registrar - Records and Registration Registrar OM 245 rvandergriff​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4356
Veria-Bogacz Mattie Interim Program Specialist Athletics Pavilion mveriabogacz@stmartin.edu 360-438-4305
Walker Robert Director of Soccer Operations Athletics Pavilion rwalker​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4372
Washington Sam Admissions Counselor Admissions OM 256 Mwashington​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4527
Washko Dr. Frank Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Cebula 103B FWashko​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2753
Weatherholt Bobbi Receptionist Admissions OM 256 bobbi.weatherholt​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4596
Weiss John Assistant Professor Physics OM 110C jweiss​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6102
Werrett Dr. Ian Associate Professor/Director-Spiritual Life Institute Religious Studies OM 365 iwerrett​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4290
Wesley Craig Interim Dean of Admissions Admissions OM 256 cwesley@stmartin.edu 360-688-2129
Wheeler Mariaa Bookstore Manager OM 272 bookstore@stmartin.edu 360-438-4394
Wigley Annie Help Desk Coordinator Integrated Technology Services O'Grady Library pwigley​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2222
Windisch Dr. Dan Professor/​School Counselor Program Director Education OM 464 dwindisch​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4503
Winstead Dr. Teresa Visiting Assistant Professor Sociology/​Anthropology OM 321 twinstead​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6131
Wojke Katie Assistant Vice President Office of Institutional Advancement OM 214 KWojke​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4485
Woodruff Dr. Thomas Visiting Assistant Professor Psychology OM 341 twoodruff​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4301
Wright Charles International Student Services Coordinator Office of International Programs and Development OM 430 Charles.Wright​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8862
Yung Josephine Vice President Office of International Programs and Development OM 430 jyung​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4375
Zorn Peggy Associate Professor MAC Program OM 421 peggyzorn​@gmail.com 360-438-4383