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Student information

Request an SMU network account

  • Select network account creation request on the Integrated Technology Services webpage. (You will need your student ID number.)
  • Within a business day of your request, you should receive your network username at the email address you designated in your request.
  • Access ITS new account information to activate your account by choosing a new network password of at least six characters.  (The password to begin is smu xxxx, where xxxx is the last four digits of your student ID number.)

Drop, add, or withdraw from a class

The deadlines for adding a course, dropping a course with and without refunds, and withdrawing from a course with a grade of "W" are listed in each course schedule. Submit your completed request form to your Extended Learning campus.

Get help with learning or writing

The Center for Student Learning, Writing and Advising is located in the lower level of O'Grady Library and offers individualized coaching for writing, student success workshops, and peer tutoring in a variety of subjects.

Forms for other requests

Request an incomplete grade: You need to ask your instructor to complete his/her portion, then submit the completed form to your advisor.

Request to enroll in more than nine credits in a single term: Submit completed form to your advisor.

Order a copy of my official Saint Martin's transcript: Submit completed form to the Registrar or at one of the Extended Learning Division offices.

Change my major: Submit completed form to your advisor.

Request to enroll in a main campus (Lacey) course: Submit the completed form to Extended Learning Admissions located at JBLM.

Apply for re-admission: You will need to submit a completed admission application if you have not been enrolled in Saint Martin's classes for a year or more. Remember to include transcripts if you want to transfer college credit earned elsewhere, and send the application form to admissions office at the Extended Learning Division.

Apply for graduation: Submit a completed form to your advisor at the start of the term prior to your final term.

Attending classes on JBLM

JBLM Base Passes

  • Students who need eight-week base passes must come to a visitors' center at either the Lewis-Main or McChord main gate (from I-5) a few hours early on the first day of class.
  • Visitors' center personnel will need to see a student's driver's license, vehicle registration, current proof of insurance, and Saint Martin's course schedule in order to issue a temporary base pass.
  • Students can go to the "finances" tab of Self-Service and print a student statement that shows current courses, or request a copy from a Saint Martin's JBLM office.

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