Non-traditional education at Saint Martin's University

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Who are non-traditional students?

Non-traditional students have a unique story. They are people who—due to life circumstances—have had their educations interrupted. They are usually 25 years of age or older and represent a large segment of local communities worldwide.

Non-traditional students come from all walks of life. They are caregivers, veterans, parents, grandparents and retirees. They may or may not have a college degree or taken college courses; or had formal schooling, trade school or military experience. They may be financially independent or living at home. They may be working on a degree or just taking courses for personal fulfillment. Non-traditional students usually cannot take classes during the day because of work or family responsibilities. They generally prefer evening classes or a combination of evening and online/hybrid classes.

These students have varied backgrounds. They work in occupations ranging from accounting to construction to administration to the military. Often the training that accompanies these diverse backgrounds prepares them for a rigorous university setting and helps them succeed academically.

So who is a non-traditional student? If you hear your story in the descriptions above, then perhaps a non-traditional student is you!