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Engineering Initiative update

A look at Old Cebula Hall

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Equipment needs

Key points about the existing Cebula Hall

Why does Saint Martin’s need a new engineering building with updated equipment? Here are a few reasons:

  • Old Cebula Hall does not comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, so physically disabled engineering students do not have access to the program.
  • It has not been seismically retrofitted for earthquakes. The cost to do this exceeds the cost to build a similar sized building.
  • The second story of Old Cebula Hall has inadequate height and very poor air quality. In the summers it is stifling hot, and in the winter it is too cold.
  • Some of the engineering equipment is antiquated.
  • The computer classroom has only eight computers, and they can no longer run current engineering software efficiently.
  • The library is also used as a faculty conference room, making it unavailable to students when they need to do research during faculty meetings.
  • There is no space for the students to lounge that is their own space in the Engineering Department. The kitchen is very small and is currently the only place for students to “hang out” when they aren’t in class.