Suicide protocol

Suicidal behaviors:

Suicidal behaviors are normally observed to be correlated to chronic and clinical depression as well as "complicated grief". Its sheer complexity and sensitivity as well as its critical nature require mental health professional consultations and assessment; it may at times entail law enforcement, legal/court, campus public safety (and at times, school administration) intervention and involvement.

Reporting suicidal behaviors is a link that offers more information on where to get consultation, who to consult and examples of warning signs that can benefit from a consultation and a timely and appropriate intervention.

When is it an appropriate time to seek professional help and consultation?

For symptoms of clinical depression: If you notice any (or all) of the above symptoms for depression persisting for more than a week or two, and is now starting to interfere with your ability to function, feel free to call your physician, or the counseling center at 360-438-4371 to consult with our counselors.

For suicidal behaviors: One very important area of concern that requires consultations with mental health professionals involve suicidal behaviors. Refer to the reporting suicidal behaviors link for more details.