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Student employment "supervisor's" policies and procedures handbook

Student employee policies and procedures handbook

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Human resources

For more information about student employment and the student employee hiring process, visit the Office of Human Resources

Financial aid

For more information about general financial aid, visit Student Financial Services.

Career Center

For more information about career center services, visit our career services page.

Student employment at Saint Martin's University

Most people go to college so they can eventually get a higher-paying and satisfying career. But to get to that point, most students need to work at least in the summers if not year-round. These jobs are important for the combination of money, experience, work ethic, and relationships they provide. When you graduate, however, you’re ready for a career—not a job. Your undergraduate work experience will help you develop the skills and connections that are critical to securing a career after college. The world of work you encounter, both part-time jobs and careers, holds many challenges and rewards. By being prepared, you can be sure to succeed.

As both a student and an employee, you are a valuable member of our campus community. We rely heavily on Student Employees to help provide a fast and efficient service to the student body. We hope you enjoy your experience working at Saint Martin's and that you have an opportunity to develop work habits, skills, and contacts that will serve you well in your professional life.

Determining your employment needs

Students on campus may be awarded through their financial aid package a work study grant. It can be one of two types, federal or state work study. Each requires different actions and support from Financial Aid and the Career Center. Students that do not qualify for work study grants will be seeking non-work study (or general) employment.

Federal work study
This program is funded through the federal government, and the award appears on the financial aid package if a student has demonstrated financial need. This is awarded to students that are in their freshman or sophomore year in college. This funding does not credit the student account, so it should not be counted toward the bill when trying to determine the balance due for any given semester. This funding is available for students to earn by working a part time job on campus. Jobs can range from working in the athletic department, to working in academic or administrative offices. Additional information is available on Federal Work Study.

State work study
This program is funded through the Higher Education Board of Washington. This is awarded to students that are in their junior or senior year in college and has a need for financial assistance. This is a program allows students to gain job experience in the field they would like to work in after graduation. With the state work study program, students at SMU are hired by off campus employers who are reimbursed by the state for a percentage of the wages paid to the student. This funding does not credit the student account, so it should not be counted toward the bill when trying to determine the balance due for any given semester. The funding is available to students to earn by working a part time job off campus. Additional information is available on State Work Study.

International students
International students are eligible for on-campus employment only. Additional information is available on international student employment on-campus.

Financial aid support
All of the funding and paper work is handled through Financial Aid. Once a student has been awarded work study, depending on the type, and a job has been secured, financial aid requires additional paperwork. If you have any addition questions about your grant or paper work please contact financial aid in 245, at or call 360-438-4397 or toll free 800-368-8803.

Career Center support
The Career Center partners with employers when it comes to connecting with students about part-time jobs, full-time jobs, and internships. We facilitate these connections in a number of different ways—job postings, career fairs, on-campus interviewing, and more. All on-campus and off-campus jobs are posted on Saints4Hire. With State work study there are many companies that don't have work study contracts but if a student is interested in working for them we can help make contacts. Most on-campus and off-campus employers ask for a resume to apply. We are more than happy to offer our services to help create or edit a resume or cover letter.

Please note: Being awarded work study doesn't guarantee a job. Both programs students are responsible for researching and securing employment. Once employed students are paid a paycheck by their employer and pay dates vary from organization to organization. This money will not be applied toward the bill; it can be used by the student for personal and miscellaneous expenses. Students are not required to use the work study awarded, but this funding will not be replaced by any other financial aid if declined or simply not used