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Career services for veteran students

Saint Martin's University is dedicated to meeting the exceptional needs of each student. As a veteran, you have established a unique set of skills through extensive training and experiences. Here at Career Services we are prepared to assist you in relaying those qualities and skills to a potential employer.

We have the resources to guide you through choosing a major, navigating your job search, enhancing your resume, and preparing you for the interview process. We encourage you to visit our office to meet with a career specialist and take advantage of the wide array of services, programs, and resources available to help you reach your career potential.

Please browse our website to learn about our services and how collectively we can support student success. The links below are provided to assist you through the career planning process.

Additional military resources available on the Saint Martin’s University website.
Veteran training and employment information from the Department of Labor.
Careers in national self defense.
Assists students with the transition from the military to productive members of the civilian work force in all disciplines.
Your guide to post-military success.
Features a program that focuses on military veterans and their families and includes both job training and placement.

Still interested in federal employment? Use these resources to begin your search:
Federal resources
Working for the federal government

Click here to find out what the White House is doing to assist veterans in finding jobs.