2012-2013 Benedictine scholars

Benedictine Scholars

The Benedictine Scholars Program at Saint Martin’s University began in the fall of 2012 in an effort to support the institution’s mission as a faith-based, values-centered university. Each year, ten high-achieving entering first-year students are selected as Benedictine Scholars.

What are the benefits of serving as a Benedictine Scholar?

Benedictine Scholars are each awarded a $10,000 scholarship to support their education at Saint Martin’s University. This scholarship is added to any other merit scholarships received at Saint Martin’s. The scholarship is renewed annually such that each recipient will receive a total of $40,000 in additional scholarship funds over four years, provided the recipient remains in good academic standing.

What are the characteristics of a Benedictine Scholar?

Benedictine Scholars embody the core values of our Catholic Benedictine university – faith, reason, service and community - regardless of their individual faith or religious affiliation. These values are implicit in The Rule of Saint Benedict written by Saint Benedict of Norcia c. 540 A.D., and serve as a guide to community living that addresses both spiritual and practical concerns. Benedictine Scholars are:

  • Committed to the common good
  • Motivated
  • Self-aware
  • Collaborative
  • Respectful
  • Intellectually curious
  • Selfless
  • Reverent
  • Knowledgeable of and committed to Benedictine values
  • Leaders
  • Authentic
  • Intelligent
  • Able to communicate
  • Confident but not arrogant
  • Inspirational to their peers
  • Service-minded

What are the unique opportunities available to a Benedictine Scholar?

Benedictine Scholars participate in several substantial activities during their first year at Saint Martin’s. These activities include a unique orientation event, monthly meetings, participation in the Benedictine Leaders Program, a retreat, and a specific project of their own choosing during their second semester. Benedictine Scholars are asked to live in the Norcia Leaders Community where they will participate in community building activities and community service projects with fellow Norcia members. Benedictine Scholars also have opportunities to plan and implement activities in their second through fourth years, as well as mentor new cohorts of Benedictine Scholars.

What are the expectations for a Benedictine Scholar?

Benedictine Scholars are expected to participate in the opportunities outlined above. As ambassadors to the Saint Martin’s community, Benedictine Scholars are further expected to contribute to leadership and service opportunities as they arise, including but not limited to assistance with campus ministry activities, admissions outreach, and the annual Gala.

How are Benedictine Scholars selected?

Only a fraction of Saint Martin’s applicants are invited to interview for the Benedictine Scholarship. Candidates are identified by the Saint Martin’s University Office of Admissions during the holistic application review process. Students who are invited to interview for the Benedictine Scholarship are those students whose superior academic records are matched by their leadership experiences, their contributions to the life of their school or faith communities, and their service to individuals and groups. Students are notified of their candidacy by their admission counselors. Merit award letters mailed to admitted students also identify these students as candidates for the Benedictine Scholarship.

Candidates are invited to interview for the scholarship either on campus during Benedictine Scholars Day (scheduled for March 14, 2015) or over the phone if they live outside western Washington or have special circumstances that prevent them from interviewing on campus. Each candidate will also be required to submit an essay that will be evaluated as part of the competitive selection process.