Saint Martin’s University Department of Theatre Arts presents Everyman

March 13, 2007

Lacey – The play Everyman is presented by Saint Martin’s University Department of Theatre Arts April 24 through 28 at 6:45 p.m. Everyman will be staged outdoors at various locations on the Saint Martin’s University campus, 5300 Pacific Ave. S.E., Lacey. It begins at O’Grady Library and ends at the monks’ graveyard at sunset.

In the 15th-century morality play, Everyman is obsession with earthly pleasures. Displeased, God sends Death to summon Everyman to account. Everyman pleads with Death to spare him, and, when that doesn’t work, to allow him time to find company on his journey to God. Death consents, and the audience travels with Everyman from place to place as he pleads with characters who represent his friends, family, worldly goods, good deeds and more.

“Despite the 15th century language, the message of Everyman is still relevant today,” says John Ficker, director. “Like Everyman, each of us is on a journey through life toward death. Along our journey we assign value to the people and things we encounter. Whether we are concerned about where we go after death or what we leave behind in the world, the audience of Everyman -- who will be literally taken on a pilgrimage -- can expect to laugh and think about how our travels and values define us.”

Ficker, a Saint Martin’s University alumnus, has been involved in all four productions of Everyman at SMU, according to David Hlavsa, Theatre Arts professor at Saint Martin’s University, who directed the first three. Ficker had a small role in the 1991 production. In 1995, he played the title role. The third time (2001), Ficker played Fellowship and Strength. This year, he’s directing, and Hlavsa is in the cast, playing the character of Death.

Original music for the production was composed by Joe Mailhot, Saint Martin’s University math professor, who conducts and plays in the “Everyman Marching Band.”

The play is staged outdoors, and different scenes take place at various locations on the Saint Martin's University campus as the audience walks approximately one mile with Everyman, accompanying him on his pilgrimage. The trek begins at 6:45 p.m. outside the library and ends at the monks' graveyard at sunset, just after 8 p.m. The show goes on rain or shine (within reason), so bring weather-appropriate clothing and wear sturdy shoes.

Admission is $10, $6 for students and seniors, upon arrival for the play. No reservations needed. The April 25 is a pay-what-you-will performance. Prior arrangements can be made for seating and transportation for those who need assistance; contact David Hlavsa, chair of the department of theatre arts, 360-438-4345;

For more information:

David Hlavsa
Associate professor, theatre arts