Saint Martin’s University Department of Theatre Arts presents Brilliant Traces

January 12, 2007

Lacey –The teaser could be: “Arizona bride escapes her wedding, drives to Alaska and moves in with snowbound hermit.” Despite a premise that could headline a tabloid TV show, the play Brilliant Traces, is touching, funny and oddly true to life. This play, written by Cindy Lou Johnson, is presented by Saint Martin’s University students Feb. 14 through 17 at 7:30 p.m. Brilliant Traces will be presented at the State Theater, 202 Fourth Ave. E., downtown Olympia.

In the midst of a “whiteout” blizzard in Alaska, still dressed in her wedding finery, the nearly-married Rosannah stumbles into Henry Harry’s cabin and abruptly collapses. Obliged to take care of her, Henry, who lives the life of a hermit, tries to find out why Rosannah has appeared at his door.

Trapped by the storm, the two of them alternately repel and attract one another as they gradually reveal to each other what has brought them to this isolated spot.

“Of course they fall in love,” says director David Hlavsa, “which is outlandish - but that’s what seems truthful to me about the piece. The way we find each other in this wilderness, and the way we heal each other is so miraculous but so commonplace.”

Admission is $10, $6 for students and seniors, at the door. The Feb. 15 is a pay-what-you-will performance. For more information, please contact David Hlavsa, chair of the Department of Theatre Arts, 360-438-4345;

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