Upcoming "Minds" lecture will explore Washington geology

Feb. 14, 2006

Lacey, Wash. – Washington is one of the most geologically interesting and active areas on earth. In his Feb. 23 Minds on the Millennium lecture, “Washington State Geology: It’s More Than Rocks,” Saint Martin’s University civil engineering faculty member John Sladek will present some of the interesting aspects of our area’s geology.

The discussion will include basic models, geologic time, an overview of continental drift and plate tectonics, formation of the state and the state’s major geologic regions. Sladek also will discuss Washington’s “recent” geological history: the last ice age and the Glacial Lake Missoula floods.

Sladek, who also works as a consulting civil and structural engineer, has a master’s degree and completed doctoral coursework in structural engineering at the University of Texas, Austin. His lecture will be from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at Panorama City’s Quinault Auditorium, 1835 Circle Lane, Lacey. The lecture is free.

Saint Martin’s University and Panorama City are in the seventh year of their “Minds” public lecture series. The series was jointly launched by the two Lacey neighbors to promote intellectual conversation and a lively exchange of ideas based on historical, philosophical and literary topics.

For more information on Minds on the Millennium VII, please call the university at 360-491-4700.

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