Saint Martin's offers tuition break at extension campuses for National Guard, Reserve members

Dec. 12, 2005

Lacey – Beginning in January, Saint Martin’s University will offer all National Guard members and Reservists the same tuition rate as their active-duty counterparts at the university’s two military extension campuses. The tuition break will be offered regardless of their military status. Spouses with military identification cards also will be offered the lower rate, said the university’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, Barbara Gayle, Ph.D.

The move seemed like the right thing to do, said Cruz Arroyo, who directs Saint Martin’s extension programs at Fort Lewis Army Post and McChord Air Force, as well as an extension at Bremerton’s Olympic College.

“During the last four years, members of the National Guard and Reserve have served the nation with distinction, honor and bravery in Afghanistan, Iraq and other foreign lands,” he said. “Their service and self-sacrifice has become a part of our nation’s history, as have the courageous efforts of their spouses on the homefront.”

Gayle said that while they have served selflessly, the crucial role they play is sometimes overlooked or minimized when they return home. Saint Martin’s would like to do what it can to change how the nation honors their sacrifices by helping to make education more affordable.

Under the university’s extension campus tuition policy, active duty military and their dependents currently pay $200 per undergraduate course credit, about $70 less than their civilian counterparts.

Arroyo said, “This is our way of thanking our Guard and Reservists for their dedicated service, and it allow us to serve those who serve on our behalf. Saint Martin’s is proud to serve alongside the men and women of the Armed Forces and their spouses.”

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Barbara Gayle, Ph.D.
Vice president for academic affairs

Cruz Arroyo
Director of Extension Programs

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