Bring the world to your doorstep by becoming a host family

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Lacey - An opportunity to broaden your understanding of the world and have a great time doing it can be yours this summer by volunteering to become a host family.

The Saint Martin’s College Office of International Programs is seeking host families for students from Taiwan, Japan and China who will be at the college for a variety of cultural and learning experiences this summer.

Host families are needed for these dates:

July 21-25: Middle school and high school students from Changhua, Taiwan. *
July 23-30: Business students from Shanghai Maritime University’s Pudong Business Administration College, Shanghai, China. *
Aug. 4-22: Students from AIE (Academy of International Education) High School, Kobe, Japan *
Aug. 6-8: Students from Mukogawa University, Nishinomiya, Japan
Aug. 20-22: Students from Okazaki College, Nakamachi, Okazaki, Japan
Aug. 20-22: Students from Hyogo University, Yashiro, Japan
* This program provides a stipend to help host families cover expenses.

The college’s Office of International Programs is welcoming students for a variety of cultural and learning experiences. During their stay, students study English, learn about life in the United States and visit sites of interest in the Puget Sound area.

Students from Pudong Business Administration College, Shanghai, China, also will be studying Western-style business practices through a cooperative program with Saint Martin’s. As part of their experience, they will be visiting businesses and talking with people representing large and small businesses and government agencies. Ideally, host families for this program will be drawn from people involved with business.

The highlight of an international student’s visit is the Home Stay, a time when students live with an American family and have an opportunity to experience American culture and everyday life in a personal way. Most home-stay students prefer to take part in simple daily activities and practice their English in conversations with their host families, so the amount and type of entertainment is up to the individual family, says Greg Westoby, community liaison for the college’s office of international programs. For families, it is an exciting and enjoyable opportunity to learn more about another country, help promote cultural understanding and often, build long-lasting friendships.

Families are asked to host a pair of students. Host families:
- Provide a room for the students to share.
- Provide breakfast and supper each day.
- Drop students off at Saint Martin’s by 9 a.m. for classes and picking them up shortly after 5 p.m. each weekday.
- Entertaining students for one set of the dates listed above.
- Attending a farewell dinner with their students.

To apply, prospective host families complete a questionnaire from the college. To insure that students have a positive and safe home-stay experience, all members of the household over age 12 also must complete a simple background check. For more information or to request a hosting packet, please contact Westoby at 360-438-4598;

For more information:
June 23, 2004 Greg Westoby
Community liaison, Office of International Programs

Deanna Partlow
Office of communication