Saint Martin's 10-day count shows enrollment increase

Monday, September 16, 2002

Lacey, Wash. - Saint Martin’s College started the 2002-03 academic year with 39 more students than last year, according to the college’s 10-day count. The count is taken 10 days after the beginning of classes each semester at the college’s main campus in Lacey and is considered the final total for the semester.

Enrollment for fall semester is 965 students, a 4.2 percent increase from fall 2001’s enrollment of 926. The number of full-time equivalent (FTE) students is up, as well, from 767.8 in fall 2001 to 807.13 FTE, an increase of 40 FTE, or 5.2 percent. (The full-time equivalency figure is derived by dividing the combined number of semester credits being taken by all students on campus by 15, the number of semester credits considered to be a full-time class load.)

Of these enrolled for fall 2002 semester, 568 are female and 397 are male. The college has 61 international students this semester.

Other numbers revealed by the 10-day count are these: Undergraduate students: 729 Freshmen: 184 Sophomores: 136 Juniors: 222 Seniors: 187 Graduate students: 181 Certification students: 17 Non-degree students: 22

Based on the numbers, the current top five areas of undergraduate study at the college are business, education, engineering, biology and psychology.

Enrollment at the college’s Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base extension programs was 356 and 201, respectively, for a total extension program enrollment of 557. Those programs, like others at the military bases, operate on a five-term academic year and are not tallied into the 10-day count at Saint Martin’s main campus.

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