Saint Martin's, Pudong Business College launch new program

Friday, June 28, 2002

Lacey, Wash. - Saint Martin’s College is partnering with China’s Pudong Business College, a part of Shanghai Maritime University, in a new program that will enable Pudong’s students to learn American business practices.

About 20 of the 300 Pudong students taking part in the program will arrive at Saint Martin’s for a summer session that begins the first week in July and concludes Aug. 28. The students will study American business practices, improve their English skills and learn more about American culture. They also will visit area businesses to observe their operations first-hand. Later in the year, four Saint Martin’s faculty members will travel to Shanghai to teach three-week intensive business courses.

Many of the Chinese students will then transfer to Saint Martin’s to complete their undergraduate degrees, and possibly their MBAs, with the goal of learning the skills necessary to work for the numerous Western companies with offices in Shanghai. Many companies in that city are in need of Chinese workers who are proficient in English and understand Western business.

Business and economics faculty members participating in the program’s inaugural year are:
- October: Associate Professor David Rasmussen, who will teach accounting.
- December: Assistant Professor Riley Moore, who will teach economics.
- March: Assistant Professor Paul Patterson, who will teach marketing.
Also teaching will be Associate Professor Michael Gideon. The timeframe and subject area are still being finalized.

“We just returned from a visit, whose objective was to get a feeling for the facilities, the infrastructure and the students’ understanding of English at Pudong,” said Moore. “We will be teaching in English, and it will be tough for students at first, but many have quite good English skills since they have had English instruction.”

Saint Martin’s currently is seeking 10 business-oriented families in the Thurston County area to host the Pudong students from Aug. 22 to Aug. 28. The students, who are 18 to 21 years old, will live in pairs in host homes. The home-stays will give students opportunities to learn more about American culture, practice their English skills and, ideally, learn about business firsthand through in-depth conversations and workplace visits with host families. The college hopes to match students with families representing small business, large business and government agencies.

Host family duties will include:
- Providing a room for two young men or young women to share.
- Providing breakfast and dinner each day.
- Dropping students off at Saint Martin’s about 8 a.m. for classes and picking them up about 5 p.m. each weekday.
- Entertaining students for the two weekend days. Most prefer to simply partake in daily activities and conversations with their host families, so the amount and type of entertainment is up to the individual family. Saint Martin’s provides a $100 stipend to help host families cover expenses for the five-night stay.

Potential host families are asked to complete a questionnaire from the college and, to insure that students have a positive and safe home-stay experience, all members of the household over age 12 also must complete background checks. Families will be selected by Aug. 1. For more information on the hosting opportunity or to request a hosting packet, please contact Carleen Jackson, director of enrollment management and marketing, at 360-438-4485 or

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