College announces spring semester academic honors

Friday, June 22, 2001

Lacey, Wash. - Saint Martin's College is pleased to announce students who qualified for academic honors for the 2001 spring semester. Students from your readership area are among those listed.

To qualify, undergraduate and teacher-certification students must carry at least a 12-semester-hour class load and earn a semester grade point average of 3.5 or higher based on a 4.0 scale. A star follows the names of students who maintained a perfect 4.0 grade point average for the semester.

The student's who made the dean's list are listed below. They have been sorted by hometown for your convenience.

Name Year Major Hometown
Yuya Ota Senior Political science Hyogo, Japan
Kyoko Koji Senior Music Osaka, Japan
Elena Andonova Junior Business administration Macedonia
Igor Srenk Senior Business administration Croatia, Zagreb
Melanie Franklin* Senior Elementary education Anchorage, Alaska
Bobbie-Jo Nault Sophomore Biology Wasilla, Alaska
Troy Monier Senior Civil engineering Pleasanton, Calif.
Della Armstrong Junior English Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Patrick Thomas Senior Business administration Storm Lake, Iowa
Rebbecca Dalrymple-Swanson Junior Business administration Bend, Ore.
Emily Thomas* Junior Business administration Dufur, Ore.
Ryan Aufort Senior Biology Eugene, Ore.
Casey Costley-Rivers* Senior Community services Eugene, Ore.
Angela Vaandering* Senior Accounting Forest Grove, Ore.
Matthew Gruhler Sophomore Psychology Portland, Ore.
Cat-Uyen Nguyen Senior Elementary education Portland, Ore.
Geri Andrews Senior Psychology Aberdeen
Angela Larson* Junior Business administration Aberdeen
Danielle Meneely Senior Accounting Aberdeen
Kimberly Rajcich Junior Elementary education Aberdeen
Vicki Dixon* Junior Accounting Aberdeen
Amber Brooks Junior Criminal justice Auburn
Kathleen Callaghan Junior Community services Auburn
Kathleen Fogarty* Junior Elementary education Auburn
John Corkery Junior Civil engineering Bellingham
Josh Turrell Junior Business administration Bellingham
Sarah Prindle Junior Elementary education Bonney Lake
Richard Dahl Freshman Civil engineering Bridgeport
Marisa Purcess Senior Elementary education Bucoda
Alison Sheaffer Junior Psychology Camas
Pamela Keen* Senior Business administration Centralia
Cody Duncan Freshman Mathematics Chehalis
Kristina Kuprienko Junior Biology Chehalis
Tambra Morton Senior Psychology Chehalis
Lindsey Petersen* Junior Elementary education Chehalis
Timothy "TJ" Underwood* Junior Biology Chehalis
Richard Urdahl Senior Elementary education Cheney
James Hryniewicz Freshman Business administration Colbert
Britt Turner Junior Business administration Cosmopolis
Kari Chavez Senior Elementary education Du Pont
Heather Reid Senior Psychology Du Pont
Noelle Nelson Senior Community services Eatonville
Karla Nordstrom* Senior Elementary education Eatonville
Joy Wolfe* Senior Psychology Edgewood
Darryl Druzianich Senior Business administration Elma
Jennivieve Niels Senior Elementary education Elma
Alison Thurman Senior Mathematics Elma
Bree Van Foeken Senior Accounting Elma
Jody Yucha* Sophomore Elementary education Elma
Kristie King Senior Elementary education Federal Way
Rebecca Ligon-Lewis Senior Psychology Federal Way
Jacqueline Brotherson Senior Business administration Fort Lewis
Kylene Buck Junior Business administration Fort Lewis
Jennell Burkett Senior Business administration Fort Lewis
Chaundra Dominguez Junior Accounting Fort Lewis
Michael Haderman* Junior Business administration Fort Lewis
Malinda Holt Senior Business administration Fort Lewis
Richard Jennen* Senior Psychology Fort Lewis
Michael Parker Senior Business administration Fort Lewis
Nicole Purnell-Davis Senior Business administration Fort Lewis
Casey Costley-Rivers* Senior Community services Fort Lewis
Michael Schaeper* Sophomore Criminal justice Fort Lewis
Suzette Vik* Senior Business administration Fort Lewis
Starlyn Williams Junior Psychology Fort Lewis
Peter Suk-Jae Yoon Senior Accounting Fort Lewis
Erin Diaz Junior Psychology Fort Lewis
Diana Hare Senior Business administration Fort Lewis
Vicki Johnson-Calzadilla Senior Community services Fort Lewis
Pamela Larsen Junior Elementary education Fort Lewis
Courtney Adkins Senior Criminal justice Gig Harbor
Nadia Ellis Senior Accounting Gig Harbor
Karen Jochim Junior Elementary education Graham
Jennifer Lathrop Junior Mathematics Graham
Roxette Riseden (Busani) Senior Business administration Graham
Jonathan Trampel Junior Accounting Graham
Tiffany Arnold Senior Elementary education Hoquiam
Katie Cutshaw Junior Community services Hoquiam
Jeramie Maupin Sophomore Mathematics Hoquiam
Carol Marier* Senior Community services Kalama
Matthew Lambrecht Freshman Undeclared La Center
Jay Andrus Junior Social Studies Lacey
Lois Brown Freshman Biology Lacey
Tamara Brunton Senior Psychology Lacey
Rachel Casillas Sophomore Undeclared Lacey
Diana Crawford Sophomore Criminal justice Lacey
Julie Daniels* Junior Elementary education Lacey
Robin Doubt Junior Elementary education Lacey
David Ellis Sophomore Undeclared Lacey
Steven Fernandes Senior Mechanical engineering Lacey
Anna Fritz* Senior Accounting Lacey
Anna Garcia* Senior Psychology Lacey
Bryan Grant Junior Elementary education Lacey
Melissa Hamilton Junior Criminal justice Lacey
Eric Heitzmann Senior Mechanical engineering Lacey
Duykhang Ho Junior Computer science Lacey
Vicki Jandzinski* Senior Business administration Lacey
Teri Johanson Senior Elementary education Lacey
Ismaeil Khouri Senior Civil engineering Lacey
Lester Leonard Senior Business administration Lacey
Bryan Leyster Senior Computer science Lacey
Robert Lotze Senior Computer science Lacey
Esther Mathison* Junior Psychology Lacey
Cherryl McGarva Senior Accounting Lacey
Jennifer Mercier Senior Business administration Lacey
David Moore Junior Mechanical engineering Lacey
Angleian Morton Senior Business administration Lacey
Mary Phelps* Junior Biology Lacey
Jennifer Pires Senior Elementary education Lacey
John Pires* Senior Business administration Lacey
Hedim Ramirez Junior Computer science Lacey
Angela Rivera Senior Community services Lacey
Nori Roman Senior Accounting Lacey
Heather Sprague (Sherman) Junior Elementary education Lacey
Edward Stevens Senior Mechanical engineering Lacey
Jennifer Trinidad Junior Elementary education Lacey
Angie Tuning* Senior Elementary education Lacey
Jenny Vannoy Senior Elementary education Lacey
Jay Watson Senior Criminal justice Lacey
Brian Weston Junior Elementary education Lacey
Meghan Weston Senior Elementary education Lacey
Leslie Yonkers Junior Accounting Lacey
John Aguiar* Senior Business administration Lakewood
Nathan Egland Sophomore Computer science Lakewood
Christy Flynn Sophomore Computer science Lakewood
Reginals Isom Senior Business administration Lakewood
Timothy James Senior Business administration Lakewood
Kelly Kabat Sophomore Accounting Lakewood
Jennifer Langer Junior Elementary education Lakewood
Clifford Letts Senior Accounting Lakewood
Wendy Mejia Junior Criminal justice Lakewood
Chad Moon Senior Elementary education Lakewood
Lorena Saucedo Senior Business administration Lakewood
Darren Warrell Senior Business administration Lakewood
Joshua Krieger Senior Criminal justice Lakewood
Tonya Darby* Senior Elementary education Longview
Jacqueline Tucker Senior Accounting Lynnwood
Katrina Iverson Senior Humanities Matlock
Robyn Hanson Senior Accounting McChord
Bridgit Levie (Murphy) Senior Accounting McChord
Bernice Zollner Senior Psychology McChord
Andrea Watts Junior English McCleary
Lynda Smith* Senior Elementary education Milton
Shanelle Pierce* Senior Community services Monroe
Jonessa Bellamy Freshman Elementary education Montesano
Mary Dineen Freshman Criminal justice Montesano
Crystal Pratt* Senior Accounting Montesano
Dale Swanson* Senior Criminal justice Montesano
Bryan Schwartz Freshman Civil engineering Mossyrock
Zak Vawter Freshman Computer science Mossyrock
Mark Delaurier Sophomore English Oakville
Kathleen Kneeland Junior Biology Oakville
Tanya Allen Junior Psychology Olympia
Dawn Andido Junior Business administration Olympia
Aubrey Argeris Senior Civil engineering Olympia
Miriam Bakewell* Senior Psychology Olympia
Tony Bartley Junior Civil engineering Olympia
Ronald Baugh Schlossberg Sophomore History Olympia
Lawrence Black Senior Mechanical engineering Olympia
Leroy Brush Sophomore Political science Olympia
Adam Chavez Junior Computer science Olympia
Shea Cleiman (Cole) Senior Accounting Olympia
Brooke Dixon Junior Business administration Olympia
Adolfo Ebio* Senior Business administration Olympia
Branden Florence Junior Business administration Olympia
Casaundra Foster Sophomore Biology Olympia
Daniel Fox* Junior Mechanical engineering Olympia
Susan Glines* Junior Psychology Olympia
Timothy Green Sophomore Accounting Olympia
Michael Haynes Junior Business administration Olympia
Ethan Higson Freshman Biology Olympia
Linh Hoang Senior Psychology Olympia
Greg Holtcamp Senior Mechanical engineering Olympia
Jennifer Houk Senior Business administration Olympia
James Howard Junior Biology Olympia
David Irwin Senior Criminal justice Olympia
Dalton Johnson Senior English Olympia
Mitsuko Kawai Senior Business administration Olympia
Lynda Kerns Senior Accounting Olympia
Kyle Kersavage Senior Business administration Olympia
Louis Lancon Senior Political science Olympia
Sandra Le Vie Junior Elementary education Olympia
Chung Lee* Senior Computer science Olympia
Madeleine Lindaas Senior Business administration Olympia
Lilah Lummus Junior Mathematics Olympia
Pamala Mahan Senior Business administration Olympia
Jonathan Martin Junior Civil engineering Olympia
Jonathan Maxion Freshman Mechanical engineering Olympia
Jerilyn McKeon Freshman Chemistry Olympia
Cesar Morales Junior Psychology Olympia
Douglas Mosher Senior Community services Olympia
Daniel Muraira Sophomore Business administration Olympia
Erik Osborne Senior Mechanical engineering Olympia
Ryan Palmquest* Junior Political science Olympia
Peggy Parish Junior Business administration Olympia
Sarah Payne Junior Psychology Olympia
Thomas Perkins Senior Mechanical engineering Olympia
Michael Polson Senior Business administration Olympia
Thomas Pyon Senior Computer science Olympia
Angela Ranger Senior Accounting Olympia
Sonorra Ray Junior Psychology Olympia
Elizabeth Rodriguez Senior Business administration Olympia
Lisa Rumsey Junior Psychology Olympia
Wesley Seeman Sophomore Business administration Olympia
Gisela Siemens Junior Psychology Olympia
Carolyn Simmonds Senior Business administration Olympia
Michael Smith* Junior Computer Science Olympia
Randi Stover Sophomore Psychology Olympia
Lina Terrell* Senior Business administration Olympia
Sarah Trigg Junior Biology Olympia
Jason Troxel Senior Mechanical engineering Olympia
Lynn Tu Senior Mechanical engineering Olympia
Margaret Walker Junior Psychology Olympia
Sarah Wickstrom Junior Elementary education Olympia
Jonathan Wood Senior Elementary education Olympia
Jeffrey Young Sophomore Criminal justice Olympia
Alana Erickson Sophomore Elementary education Onalaska
Jeannie Forrester Sophomore Community services Onalaska
Angela Morcom Sophomore Psychology Onalaska
Stephanie Neilson Junior Elementary education Onalaska
Nathan Carlson Freshman Business administration Pateros
Anne Overman Senior Criminal justice Port Hadlock
Jonell Leon-Guerrer Sophomore Humanities Port Orchard
Teressa Quandt Junior Biology Port Townsend
Roberto Aparicio Junior Mechanical engineering Puyallup
Robert Boesch Senior Business administration Puyallup
Aimee Carrier Senior Political science Puyallup
Christopher Gillis* Senior Computer science Puyallup
Melissa Heltsley Freshman Elementary education Puyallup
Richard Jette Senior Criminal justice Puyallup
Stephen Ramella* Senior Business administration Puyallup
Jenifer Takase Junior Mechanical engineering Puyallup
Elizabeth Updyke* Senior Community services Puyallup
Mary Worthen* Junior Special education Puyallup
Alexander Borgeson* Senior Political science Quilcene
Michael Dekker Freshman Mechanical engineering Rainier
Janet Dickerson* Freshman Elementary education Rainier
Jonathan Sprouffske Freshman Business administration Rainier
Sarah Teague Junior Political science Rainier
Danielle Langraaten* Junior Elementary education Raymond
Nathan Pratt Junior Special education Redmond
Aimee Holt Sophomore Undeclared Renton
Joy McNealley Junior Elementary education Rochester
Collette O'Sullivan Freshman English Seattle
Carrie Crater* Senior Elementary education Shelton
Sunny Gold Freshman Undeclared Shelton
Kimberly Hughes* Senior Elementary education Shelton
Jennifer Jeffries Freshman Accounting Shelton
Kelly Kimbel Junior Psychology Shelton
Jacqueline McKinley Senior Computer science Shelton
Lora Moore* Senior Elementary education Shelton
Robert Smith Senior Community services Shelton
Doug Troyer Freshman Computer science Shelton
Michel Rene Volk Junior Business administration Shelton
Sarah Mehlenbeck* Senior Business administration Silverdale
Rachael Bartell Sophomore Elementary education Spanaway
Clinton Hays Junior Business administration Spanaway
Karen Henton Senior Sociology & cultural anthropology Spanaway
Susan Herrera Senior Business administration Spanaway
Florence Acevedo Senior Accounting Steilacoom
David Flynn* Junior Criminal justice Steilacoom
Kazuaki Maeda Freshman Undeclared Steilacoom
Kazuya Miyashita Freshman Undeclared Steilacoom
Shinri Sakaguchi Junior Biology Steilacoom
Reginald Latham Junior Criminal justice Steilacoom
Anna Newbury Junior Biology Sumner
Harvey Armstrong Senior Criminal justice Tacoma
Fidel Balansay Senior Community services Tacoma
Tim Bates Senior Business administration Tacoma
Misty Burke Senior Business administration Tacoma
Terry Burlingame Senior Elementary education Tacoma
Min Young Byerly* Senior Computer science Tacoma
Yeong Choi Junior Criminal justice Tacoma
Nounouche Chorley Junior Psychology Tacoma
Rachid Erraziqu* Senior Criminal justice Tacoma
Michael Fitta Senior Business administration Tacoma
Judith Force Senior Elementary education Tacoma
Judith Graham Sophomore Business administration Tacoma
Ashly Haigh Senior Elementary education Tacoma
Duong Haong Senior Accounting Tacoma
David Hoffman* Senior Accounting Tacoma
Kelley Loveland* Senior Elementary education Tacoma
Stephen Maynard* Senior Business administration Tacoma
David Maywhort Junior Elementary education Tacoma
Molly Monteith* Senior Business administration Tacoma
Anita Reeves Senior Accounting Tacoma
Sheila Roberson* Junior Psychology Tacoma
Michele Rockwell Junior Psychology Tacoma
Tustiva Rowe* Sophomore Business administration Tacoma
Kimberly Russo Junior Psychology Tacoma
Curtis Ryan Junior Criminal justice Tacoma
Virlene Urbano Junior Psychology Tacoma
Adam Coleman Junior Business administration Tenino
Teresa Daigneault* Junior Business administration Tenino
Daniel Dye Senior Mechanical engineering Tenino
Anwar Al-Khaldi Senior Mechanical engineering Tumwater
Robert Case Senior Mechanical engineering Tumwater
Matthew Conklin Senior Special education Tumwater
Leila Davis (Collins)* Senior Elementary education Tumwater
Christopher Edgerton Senior Computer science Tumwater
Yesim Graves* Junior Business administration Tumwater
Robin Johnson Senior Community services Tumwater
Michael Morris Junior Elementary education Tumwater
Judith Ogilvie Senior Theater arts Tumwater
Amanda Price Senior Business administration Tumwater
Ivan Rammel Senior Business administration Tumwater
Marion Burke* Senior Psychology University Place
Andrew Hobbs Senior Accounting University Place
Basil Meyer Junior Civil engineering University Place
Scott Miller Senior Mechanical engineering University Place
Amber Sommer Freshman Elementary education Winthrop
Sandra Doran Senior Political science Yelm
Cherie McKale Junior Music Yelm
Elizabeth Percefull Junior English Yelm
Karom Prosser Senior Criminal justice Yelm
Thomas Richards Senior Business administration Yelm
Benjamin Rix Senior Business administration Yelm
Colleen Saal* Senior Psychology Yelm

For more information:
Christina Ramírez-Milhoan, communications specialist
Saint Martin's College Office of Communication
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