O'Grady Library opens for students

January 19, 2001

Lacey, Wash. - Gray skies and sprinkles didn't seem to dampen the spirits of Saint Martin's students gathered for the Student Opening of the O'Grady Library.

About 150 students, monks, faculty, staff and friends braved the chilly weather for the informal opening January 17.

"The library surpasses our expectations in its ability to provide a needed resource for our students and it does so in a beautiful manner," said David Spangler, College president. "The fact that it is the center of our campus represents a great enrichment in the long history of Saint Martin's."

Abbot Neal Roth, O.S.B., gave a simple blessing as those present entered the building, which was designed by architect Michael Graves, and internationally known designer and recipient of the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal for lifetime achievement award.

The library's state-of-the-art computer systems, security and luxuries are all things Bobby Hanna, a senior biology major, is happily aware of.

"I'm so excited to be here and see this," said Hanna, who accidentally set off the security alarm as she walked through the door, making her the first person to activate the alarm system. "It looks like a great place and I know the security works."

Reservations are already pouring in to the college for the dedication ceremony, which will be held March 30 at 3 p.m. in the Saint Martin's Pavilion, followed by the formal blessing, reception and open house at the library.

As with any new building, the library opening brings with it a series of "firsts" for the College community.

David Suter, professor or religious studies, was the first faculty member to check out a book and Simon Mitchell, was the first student to check out a book after the library was opened for students to use. But James Fulton, a library work-study, was the first person to check out a book from the new library--a feat achieved when he checked out "The Reckoning" by Charles Nicholl to test the library's computer system.

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