Institutional gift aid policy

Saint Martin's University guarantees the amount of institutional gift aid (grants and/or scholarships) that an incoming undergraduate student is awarded for four years. After their award letter has been finalized, the amount of institutional aid they receive will remain constant provided the student is continually enrolled, continues to make satisfactory academic progress, and files a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually or submits a FAFSA waiver to Student Financial Services.

Students should be aware that the names of the grants/scholarships may change from year-to-year; the total dollar amount will remain the same. As tuition cost may increase during the tenure of the student with the university, families should create a financial  plan to anticipate costs that exceed the student's allotted gift aid.

Conditions of Institutional gift aid

  1. Students receiving full tuition assistance will not be eligible for institutional gift aid funds.
  2. Students must continue to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to remain eligible for institutional aid.
  3. Award amounts will not be guaranteed for students who are not continuously enrolled.
  4. Students must be enrolled at least half-time at the Lacey campus.
  5. Award amounts are only granted for four years.
  6. Institutional aid will be prorated based upon the total number of credits for which the student is enrolled at the Lacey campus.
  7. Students taking courses through the extended learning sites or receiving a reduced rate are not eligible for institutional aid.