Veterans services

Saint Martin’s University is an approved institution for the education and training of veterans. Saint Martin's is also a Yellow Ribbon school and does not cap how many students can participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. In 2010 SMU was designated a military friendly school and has continued to be recognized every year for our service to the military community.

The veteran's representative is located in the Registrar’s Office, room 245, and is available to answer any question you may have regarding the process of applying, understanding your benefits, and certification.

Students admitted to the University and are eligible to receive VA benefits, they must contact the veteran’s representative and submit the necessary paperwork for certification. The student must turn in the SMU Request for Certification Form each term or semester to insure continuous receipt of benefits.

Veterans representative:

The VA Rep is not an academic advisor, however academic decisions may impact your educational benefits, so we’ll help you with this decision making process. Prior to registration you will need to meet with your advisor to make sure you are registering for the proper classes, meeting degree requirements and making progress towards graduation.

The veteran’s representative is not an employee of the Department of Veterans Administration (VA). The university cannot override VA policies or determine VA Eligibility, nor does the university control the issuance of VA educational benefits. If you have direct questions regarding the processing of your paperwork through the regional office please contact 1-888-442-4551.

To contact the Saint Martin's VA Representative please call 360-438-4356 or email