Theater arts

Program mission statement

The theatre arts program is designed to incorporate the best of Saint Martin’s liberal arts tradition with hands-on, professional-quality theatrical experience. Students majoring or minoring in theatre arts have the opportunity to learn about and gain experience in all aspects of theater: acting, directing, stage craft and stage management, designing and playwriting. The program integrates this intensive theatrical practice with the study of dramatic literature and theater history as a means of developing intellectual, physical and spiritual adventurousness, openness of mind, and increased understanding of the range of human experience. Courses prepare students for graduate studies, secondary school teaching certificates and professional lives in which written and interpersonal communication, aesthetic judgment, emotional understanding and organizational ability are of primary concern.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes


  • The theatre arts department is dedicated to developing competent, broadly-educated theatre practitioners. Students will complete the program with a basic knowledge of: acting, directing, playwriting and design/technical terminology and techniques; theatre history; and dramatic literature.


  • Through classroom study, rehearsal and public performance, students will develop the skills necessary to collaborate in creating compelling theatrical events.


  • The theatre arts program is based on the premise that learning and practicing the discipline of theatre makes us effective communicators; courageous performers; and compassionate leaders.