Information literacy

Program mission statement

The information literacy program of O’Grady Library serves to support the academic curriculum of Saint Martin’s University. We will empower students to develop their critical thinking skills in the location and evaluation of information, support their creative expression with access to advanced communication technologies, and deepen their understanding of the principles of intellectual property and academic integrity.

We undertake this service in a spirit of respect for the individual path of inquiry and discovery required of each scholar. Through our efforts we intend to build a relationship between each student and the community of libraries that will support their development as lifelong learners.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes

The information literate student of St. Martin’s:

Has Knowledge of:

  • The range of print, online, and in-person information sources appropriate to disciplinary research.
  • The distinctions between scholarly and popular materials.
  • The resources and services specific to academic libraries.

Has the Skills to:

  • Conduct effective searches through keywords, subject headings and applied limitations across catalogs, databases, and search engines.
  • Evaluate all information sources, including internet sites, for validity, authority, sufficiency and timeliness.
  • Synthesize new and prior information in support of an argument or thesis.
  • Employ technology to locate, create, manipulate, and disseminate information in a variety of formats.

Has the Disposition to:

  • Understand the principles of plagiarism, intellectual property, and the importance of proper citation in producing work of academic integrity as a contributing member of the community of scholars.
  • Feel confident and comfortable in approaching library personnel for research assistance and undertaking research objectives.
  • Establish a life-long, active relationship with libraries in one’s personal, professional, and academic communities.