Program mission statement

History is the critical examination of peoples, places, and cultures in the past, across the globe. The Department of History devotes itself to teaching within the tradition of liberal arts and professional education to produce responsible and informed persons. Our graduates will attain a solid base of historical knowledge, and of global historical development. They will understand how to think critically and how to communicate, in both written and oral forms, lessons and insights from the past. Our students will use their knowledge and skills to reach outside the university in service to the larger community. Our department seeks to educate future leaders to be thoughtful, informed, and objective participants in a global society.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes


  • Students will engage in rigorous study of the discipline of history designed to enlighten and inform their understanding of the field.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of historical methodology, theories and great issues and questions of the past.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of human experience within and across nations and cultures.


  • Students will develop the capacity to systematically formulate critical thinking about the human experience over time.
  • Students will strive for academic excellence as demonstrated by critical analysis, research and written and oral communication.


  • To take historical respective and apply it to society as agents of peace and social/political justice.
  • To take their functional skills into careers enhancing the public good.
  • To honor Benedictine values by acting in the service of those who have been marginalized economically, socially and politically.


  • Build pathways of understanding within local and global communities.
  • Promote the interests of all through public and private service.