Program mission statement

The mission of the English program is to serve students by leading them to discover the practical importance of our cultural inheritance; honing analytical, critical, and communication skills; and advancing the University’s overarching mission of knowledge, service and sound value judgment. By learning to identify and analyze details, as well as recognize and interpret larger patterns, students who major or minor in English prepare themselves for careers in law, media, marketing, advocacy, social services, diplomacy, human resources, professional writing, fundraising, health services and global communications. Students also can prepare for the traditional fields of secondary and higher education.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes

Student learning outcomes:


  • Develop knowledge of standard writing and research conventions.
  • Recognize the ways in which literature expresses and confronts moral, ethical, economic, social and political issues.


  • Be able to write an essay that supports an interpretive thesis that is clearly supported.
  • Make connections between literary texts and their historical and cultural contexts.